fake feedee

chapter 1

There’s no real need for story building or introductions here. She was one of those women who played the submissive feedee part well, then would take money from all the idiots who really thought she was trying to gain, all while staying around 240 pounds. She had no intention of actually getting fatter, but played it off well.

How she got to be trapped in a dark room, with no windows or light, being force fed to death isn’t all that complicated either. She pissed off the wrong man, a man with resources and the will to use them. He wasn’t gentle with her at all, stating her future in very plain terms when she arrived in his care.
“You will never see the light of day again. You will become extremely pale, weak, and massively obese. I don’t care about your wellbeing or how you feel. Your entire purpose now is to get as fat as possible for me. I am shutting off these lights now. You weigh 256 pounds, they will come back on in a year.” With that, he had left the room.

She cried almost every day in the dark. She never expected this to happen, and now here she was. She had a feeding mask on for 22 hours a day, unable to keep from swallowing the thick paste that undoubtedly was filled with calories. She couldn’t see herself, but knew she was getting fatter. After the first few months, she accepted the fact that no one was coming for her, and she resigned herself to this fate. 8 months in, she had almost forgotten what life was like before she came here. She tried to move her body, and noticed it felt sluggish and softer. Still, she was unable to see.

One day, the lights turned on abruptly. She screamed out in pain, her eyes not used to this.
“Look at you now! A massive, blind blob with skin pale as a ghost.” The man apparently had entered when she was worrying about her vision.
“635 pounds of pure lard. That’s what you get for fucking me and every other feeder over. I hope you know I’m not even close to being done with you, either. You’re going to die down here, with a tube stick between your fat lips.”
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Firelion 3 years
Excellent work!
PrimusFeeder 3 years
Another chapter to this would be good
Softy90 3 years
Wow....How I would like to be this pig.
Karenjenk 3 years
Damn.... I like dark. Thus pushed the envelope