you’ll get fat for me

chapter 1

Anna was chubby. And that’s what attracted me to her originally. Sure, she was a lot smaller than what I preferred, but we got along well, and while she had a fear of getting larger, I didn’t push her to gain weight.

I soon found out that she loved larger women as much as I did, if not more. But her love was different than mine. While I wanted to pamper and worship a larger woman with food and sensual stuffing sessions, Anna preferred to be more.....aggressive. Many times, we would have in our possession a willing “pig,” and I would have to reel Anna back in before she could do any real damage to our (normally willing) friend. When she would feed them, it was like watching a predator tear apart it’s pretty. Only, instead of ripping them apart, she would violently force feed them to their breaking point, leading to them throwing up or breaking down and crying, and that often led to the end of that particular escapade.

I pulled her aside one day, asking her why she was so rough with any feedee we have. I told her it seemed almost as if she hated them, fire gleaming in her eyes as she fed them.

“I have this fear” she began “of getting as fat as some of them are. I know I’m chubby, but it’s manageable and not obscene like some of them. I guess sometimes in my brain I rationalize that if they get fatter, it will lessen the chance of ME getting fatter. The thought of being 400, 500 pounds disgusts me, and I while I find their bodies attractive, I hate them as a person and what they are. And I want to almost punish them more, making them fatter and more grotesque. I feel skinny next to them.”

Well, I’d known Anna for almost a year, and this was surely something I had never expected to hear. It started to make sense, as I connected the dots in my head to understand her behavior.
Apparently, my other head was doing the same, as she noticed I was rock hard. Apparently, her explanation was hot to me. Who would’ve thought. As she got down on her knees, I wondered how her behavior would affect future feedees.

We’d been having a particular “pig,” who went by Chelsea, visit us more and more. I will admit, I was probably showing her too much attention during these sessions, as Anna was getting rougher and rougher with her. She was merely 19 years old, and while we were both in our mid 20s, the difference was enough that she acted and felt far more naive and innocent than me or Anna. She was a gorgeous girl, with long brown hair and blue eyes. She was also, unbelievably, 486 pounds at only 5’2 tall. In the short year we had known her, she had gone from 395 pounds and attempting to lose to what she is now. Poor girl, we probably manipulated her into becoming the obese whale she was, but in the end, she was destined to be fat.

When she came by our apartment, she didn’t realize she was going to make a very big mistake.
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Bruinsean 2 years
Nice to see a longer story.
Yeet95 2 years
@karenjenk, thanks for the feedback, I’ll look into possibly fleshing it out more!
Karenjenk 2 years
I love this
i wish you had filled in the missing years.
you write really well so iwould have liked you to write more about how she changed.
i love it