chapter 1

In and out
In and out

Your c**k easily slid in between the particular roll you had chosen, the soft jelly like fat keeping you hard. You kept going until you felt you were close, then violently grabbed its rolls as you emptied a load onto its fat. You looked at the marks your hands had left on it’s pale, soft skin. A firm slap and jiggle, feeling the damage you’d done to it. Maybe they knew you enjoyed their body? If they could even think anymore.

Climbing off the pale mass of flesh, your c**k started to harden again as you looked at the inhuman abomination you’d created. It had been 5, 6 years since you’d dragged it down to this room that would be the only thing it would see for the rest of its short, miserable life. Only 18 years old then, full of life and dreams and ambition. It’s proverbial fire had been put out, buried under hundreds of pounds of bone breaking, skin tearing, lung crushing fat and lard.

It’s hair was shaved off completely, no more long beautiful locks. You covered their eyes with dark black patches, robbing them of sight. Over the years it’s eyes had become useless, barely able to see when you let it have the privilege of seeing the masterpiece of gluttony you’d turned them into. The tears always flowed, even from under the patches. Around its ears, you placed sound canceling ear muffs, robbing it of another sense. Their world was dark and quiet, the only sensation it had was being full and being used.
Half a decade of no social contact or any stimulation of the mind had ruined its mind as much as the fat ruined its body. It had no idea of what the world was like anymore, of what the sun felt like, the sounds of outside, laughter, happiness, anything.

It did feel when you used it, however. It couldn’t see you, couldn’t hear you, but it could feel you. The thousands of nerve endings on the cascading rolls of fat felt every rough touch, every session of roll f**king, every violent slap. It knew when you grabbed its fat tighter, you were about to cum. When your c**k was using their belly button, they reached a new low point, horrified at the fact that you could do such a thing. If only it knew that even with your size, you couldn’t reach the end of it.

Taking off its eye patches and ear muffs, you waited as it came to. It could barely see you, and the sudden rush of sound was a shock. Not using their jaw for months had weakened it again, making talking difficult.

“I........want.........go........” it struggled to finish, lungs gasping for any air.
“Home....mo.....mom......plu.....please.... it couldn’t even think straight, not aware it’s family had given up looking for it years ago. How stupid of it.

“I’m sorry, but you’re never going home.”

The feeding tube got placed back in, and you sent it back into darkness.
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Grrth1313 2 years
Keep going into this. This is what we want to read. Taking away their senses so the only important one they need, touch, is amplified. So erotic.
Chrysophase2003 2 years
There is a definite niche market for this kind of extremist, dark, FA fiction. Few do it, so I hope you continue to.
Piggy3636 2 years
Best one yet