The lambton worm

chapter 3 bigger

As I grew bigger, my prey grew bigger with too. Instead of small rodents, I started consuming small cats, dogs, foxes and other mammals of similar sizes. At first, one was sufficient to fill me up. I would just head straight back to my lair at the bottom of the well to digest and sleep until the next night.
But soon, one was not enough. It wasn’t like I was hungry. I was thirsty, but being so full, I could not be bothered to slither all the way down to the river to drink.
One night I noticed a herd of cows, still in the fields. Their udders were full of milk and they swayed from side to side as they walked. It must be very uncomfortable for them, I thought. Perhaps I could help at least one of them. So I slithered closer stealthily and attached myself to one of the cows teats. Once I had latched on and started to suck, she did not object. I sucked and sucked until she could give me no more milk. As I slithered away, I could feel the milk sloshing around inside of me. I felt so full! Yet I was perfectly satisfied.
That was the first time the well was too small for me to slither down when I was full. Instead, I made my way to a nearby hill and wrapped myself once around the top of it.
I knew it was not just my size that had changed over the last few years. My eyes were much bigger so that I could see better in the dark. I had grown teeth do that I could bite and chew my prey and my mouth had also grown bigger so that I could swallow larger animals.
Every night I prowled around the area looking for suitable prey. At first, it was easy. There were plenty of stray dogs and cats roaming about. But I started growing more. I was shedding my skin once a fortnight now. I was needing more prey to satisfy me. I was using up all of the local supply. I always finished my night of gluttony off with a trip to the cows’ field. The cows were no longer frightened by me. They were happy to let me milk them to ease their discomfort. My stomach and appetite grew so much that I could milk a dozen of them dry in one night.
By that time, my tail was wrapping itself five times around the nearest hill that I had taken a liking to.
On my night time travels, I saw humans in their cosy looking homes, sitting around the a fire, chatting. I did not understand their conversations, but I liked to listen to their chatter.
I was not to know that they were talking about me. My nightly feasting had not gone unnoticed. They said the cows were so frightened about my presence that they were not producing as much milk. They kept their pets indoors at night in fear of them being eaten by me. What could be done? How could they get rid of this terrible pest?

But the worm got fat an' graad an' graad,
An' graad an aaful size;
With greet big teeth, a greet big gob,
An greet big goggly eyes.
An' when at neets he craaled aboot,
Te pick up bits o' news,
If he felt dry upon the road,
He'd milk a dozen coos.
Wisht lads, haad yer gobs,
aa’ll tell yers all an aafull story
Wisht lads haad yer gobs,
A’ll tell ye aboot the warm.

ENGLISH (my translation)

But the worm got fat and grew and grew and grew an awfully large size
With huge, big teeth and a huge, big mouth and huge, big eyes that stuck out.
And at night, he crawled around, listening in to people’s conversations.
If he felt dry as he travelled,
He would milk a dozen cows
Hey, boys, be quiet,
I’ll tell you all an awful story
Hey, boys, be quiet,
I’ll tell you about the worm.
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Aquarius64 3 years
The tale is now complete. This version of the story is based upon the song, which was written in Victorian times. A longer, more complete version of the original tale will become available as a premium story in the next week or so. The premium version wil
Aquarius64 3 years
Thank you! It is a real folk tale… and song… you can google it. I’ve just changed the point of view. It’s also not finished yet!
Built4com4t 3 years
It’s different