The lambton worm

chapter 4

As I grew larger, I became bolder and looked for bigger and better prey. Large farm animals were ideal because they were usually kept in a field or an easily accessible barn that they could not flee from. Lambs were tender and tasty. Sheep took a lot of digesting depending on the amount of wool they had on them. Full-grown cows were a bit too big for me and I preferred to keep then alive so that I could drink their milk. Calves were my favourite, if I could find them.
Of course the farmers were rightly frightened of me. They tried to chase me away with their pitchforks and ploughshares. they tried to lay traps for me. However, my body has excellent healing properties and every time they think they have injured me, my body simply heals itself up and I can go about my business as if nothing had happened.
I could slither unhindered onto any farm and take what I wanted. Sometimes, I would slither into a village. I could quieten a crying baby that was not being watched easily in one quick swallow!
Young children were another speciality of mine. Juicy and tender, they did not struggle once they got passed my gullet.
I continued to grow big and fat and strong. I grew large enough to wrap myself ten times around my chosen hill. It was a large local landmark that was visible for miles around.
I have no doubt that some people moved away from the area because they were so afraid of me. It did not make that much difference to me. I simply had to travel a little bit further afield to find the best specimens to satisfy my hunger as the population thinned.
I was in control.
I could eat whoever I wanted whenever I wanted!

This feorful worm would often feed,
On caalves an' lambs an' sheep,
An' swally little bairns alive,
When they laid doon te sleep.
An when he'd eaten aall he cud,
An' he had had he's fill,
He craaled away an' lapped he's tail,
Ten times roond Pensha Hill.
Wisht lads, haad yer gobs,
Aa'll tell yers all an awful story
Wish lads, had yer gobs,
Aa'll tel yer boot the Warm.

My English translation

This fearful worm would often feed on calves and lambs and sheep.
And swallow little babies or toddlers alive when they lay down to sleep.
and when he'd eaten all he could and was completely stuffed full, he would crawl away and wound his tail ten times around Penshaw Hill
Hey, boys, be quiet,
i'll tell you all an awful story,
hey, boys, be quiet,
I'll tell you about the worm.
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Aquarius64 3 years
The tale is now complete. This version of the story is based upon the song, which was written in Victorian times. A longer, more complete version of the original tale will become available as a premium story in the next week or so. The premium version wil
Aquarius64 3 years
Thank you! It is a real folk tale… and song… you can google it. I’ve just changed the point of view. It’s also not finished yet!
Built4com4t 3 years
It’s different