i don’t care

chapter 1

She was struggling, her heart barely keeping her 928 pound body alive. Her nasal cannulas traced down her face, red and sweaty from the current feeding of grease soaked donuts, pure butter and heavy cream. I shoved a donut past her plump lips, giving her no time to chew the last one. Grease and frosting coated her chins.
“Stop….hard to…..breathe” I gave her a second to control herself. “I’m….too fat…..daddy….it hurts…..every day…..” hearing her call me daddy made me want to *** rolls right there.
I took out a stick of butter and pushed it past her lips, her mouth sucking on it as if it was my member. She was struggling to get it all in. “Come on baby, you can swallow this. Chew and swallow, that’s all.” She got the heart stopping butter down, her eyes almost glazed over from it. I prepared the next one, rolled in sugar so it would taste better to her. The heart monitor showed some levels of stress from her.
“It’s ok baby, eat this one and finish off your cream and I’ll give you a reward.” I shoved it past her lips, forcing the whole thing in. She could barely breathe, but was slowly working it down. I looked at the rest of her while she finished.

It’s amazing she has lasted this long, going from 300 pounds to just over 900 in three years would kill most people. And it probably would kill her, at some point. I knew I was playing with house money when it came to her, but I didn’t really care. She had surpassed all my previous pigs in weight, and I rewarded her every day for it.

Her belly went past her knees, covering her enormous thighs. Her feet were swollen and fat, completely useless for their purpose. Her hips flowed to the edge of the bed, her former pear shape extremely exaggerated now, an enormous shelf ass buried beneath.

Her arms were useless, weighed down with fat and atrophied from non use, mainly by me restraining them 24/7 her first few years. Her breasts were long, heavy and sagging, her nipples sensitive to everything. Stretchmarks covered her body, showcasing her rapid and near death gain. I turned my attention back to her. She had finished the stick of butter.

She was panting now, her fat face covered in sweat and sugar, her lungs barely working. “Daddy…..when can I…..seee my friends…..and family…..again?” Stupid cow, she really thought she’d get free from here didn’t she? I had promised her if she hit 800 I’d let her go……

“Oh piggy, you’re not leaving here. I know what I had told you, but it would take far too much to get you out of here, and I would get in trouble as well. Just keep eating for me, and don’t worry about stuff like that.”

She was going to die down here, at the ripe old age of 23, whether she knew it or not. And I didn’t care really, she kinda knew what she had gotten into.


I activated the lift that was under her belly, raising it up so I could see under all that flab. It must be torturous for her, being at my mercy to feel any pleasure. I did use it against her, only letting her cum when she ate what I wanted. Just eat, cum, sleep and repeat until her heart exploded. I don’t know what dreams her family had for her, but they had been crushed under a near half ton of lard.
She said she had wanted an extreme feeder, and she found one.
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