i’m your caretaker

chapter 1

I walk up to the massive house, wondering what kind of job someone needs to afford this. I knock on the door, and soon hear someone coming to answer it. An absolutely gorgeous woman answers, with green eyes and blonde hair, and a curvy body.
“Hello, you must be John, the caretaker! Please come in.” The house was gorgeous and enormous, with expensive furniture and appliances. I took a seat in the living room.
“Thank you so much for coming, my husband and I are going out of town for the summer and our daughter needs some help by herself. I’m sure you know why.” A disappointed look fell on her face, before she looked to the back of the house.
“Kara baby, come meet John!” I heard a rustling from the back of the house, before a sound like springs moving. I looked at the mother, motioning to whether I should go help.
Plodding down the hallway was the reason I was hired. Kara, who was only 19 years old and weighed an astonishing 548 pounds on a 5’3 frame, was waddling down the hall towards us. She had a beautiful face like her mother, but that’s where the similarities stopped. She had on a huge shirt that did little to cover her belly, and left plenty to the imagination in regards to her breasts. Her hips spread out wide behind her, not quite touching the walls of the hallway. Her thighs touched down to her knees, and then some. I could tell she didn’t walk much, as this movement was rough for her.

“Kara honey, this is John. He’s going to be helping you while me and daddy are gone, but he’s very well qualified. He’s even a personal trainer, so maybe he can help you lose some-“
Kara cut her mother off, “MOM it’s not that easy! You can’t just hire someone to make me get thinner, it’s too hard!” At this point she looked at me, and appeared to be taken back at how good I looked. She quickly kept her gaze down.
“Listen Kara, your family is entrusting me to keep you safe and help you this summer, and that’s what I’m gonna do. We will become good friends over the next few months!” I smiled at her, seeing her cheeks go red from it. This would be too easy.

When I came back over a week later after her parents left, I was ecstatic.

Like shooting fish in a barrel.
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Platypoi 1 year
It’s a shame this story wasn’t finished
Fatadmirerboy69 1 year
Please continue this story !
FemmeBrulee 2 years
This is so good! I cannot *wait* to see where things go 😍
Fattenssbbws 2 years
This is great! Please keep this going!