chapter 1

Lucia was always a little bigger, at 5’2 195 pounds she had a huge bubble butt, thick thighs that rubbed together, a small belly, decent sized breasts and fatty arms. The kind of girl you look at and know she will eventually plump up after a few kids and a happy marriage. She was of Spanish and Dominican descent, and looking at the women in her family, you could see a few extra pounds would work their way on her frame.

She’d probably top out around 235, 240 before settling in with her weight. Surely her future husband would be ok with it too, seeing as her facial features were those of a model. And marrying her, any sane man could see she’d gain a little weight.

It’s entirely unfortunate she met you, a sick, twisted and merciless individual who was absolutely not satisfied with women topping out around 235, 240. Your preferred number for a mate was definitely higher than that, and you didn’t care if they wanted to be bigger or not. You always got what you wanted, and when you saw this very bubbly, very thicc Latina strolling down the sidewalk, you knew you had to have her. Your looks and charm always worked, and she pleasantly gave you her number. She may as well have pointed a gun at her head and pulled the trigger.

“You’re so nice! So many men don’t know how to treat a woman!” She ecstatically bit into the very greasy burger, located at a nice joint downtown. You took her out almost every day, and always to a different place. It’s clear she has been with some people who didn’t truly appreciate her, so you splurging on her and treating her how she should be treated made her more than happy to spend her extra time with you. You commented how you liked that she wasn’t ashamed of eating so much food, especially in front of a relatively new date.

“Oh honey, I know I’m a thicc girl and that’s entirely because I love food too much. But I’d rather have these curves because of food over starving myself. I ain’t no skinny bit*h. And I’m pretty sure these curves got your attention….”

She wasn’t wrong. You took her to get some after dinner ice cream.


She shook her ass as she took your entire length in her mouth, bringing you closer to the edge. She was an expert with her mouth, and knew how to combine that with her body to make you c*m until you felt like passing out. Still recovering, she crawled her body up to your head before sitting on your face, not giving you a chance to catch your breath. She felt heavy on you, and knowing the last few months had added pounds to her frame, got you excited again. You were loving every second, but knew one day this position would be impossible. ‘Fair enough’ you thought. Enjoy the journey.
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MVP76 4 months
Your writings r pretty disturbing
Yeet95 4 months
Death feedism normally is
Uwu23 9 months
sooo, this is the end :0?
Hbme78 1 year
More pls!!! ❤️🤤
Grrth1313 1 year
Please keep going. You’re the best writer on here.
Uwu23 1 year
this will continue? :0
Yeet95 1 year