chapter 1

She loved milking them. Forcing them to c*m multiple times a day, taking their seed from them. Not letting them decide when or how much it happened. She loved getting them going, then with the right amount of shocking down in the prostate, forcing them to ejaculate over and over again. It didn’t matter if they were ready or not, because they were too fat to stop her.

She loved breaking them, turning them into pathetic blobs. 700, 800, 900 pounds of unhealthy, heart stopping lard forced into these once fit specimens. She would show them pictures of their former bodies, now replaced with the prisons she has created using sugar and salt. They would always cry, thinking it would make her feel sorry for them, or maybe they just wanted to feel bad for themselves.

This was when she’d forcibly hook them up, degrade them even more with the electro ejaculation machine she had, and make them bust until their balls were shooting nothing but dust. Many times, their hearts gave out, as they couldn’t handle pumping blood throughout an 850 pound body and also get their member hard as many times as she wished. Such a pathetic and pitiful end, forced to c*m not for pleasure but for something almost machine like in nature, and being so obese, so full of lard and adipose, they could only lay there and hope she took pity on them.

She never did, as it wasn’t hard to replace them. Forcing thousands of calories into them always turned them into what she wanted, no matter their prior history or health. It amused her sometimes, seeing a tall and strong specimen with plenty of bravado only last to 500 or 600, while a small and skinny twink could make it to half a ton before redlining.

The fairer sex wasn’t spared by her either. The good thing about women was that she got a larger variety of shapes out of them, with pears and hourglasses and apples galore. They tended to gain more in their ass and thighs versus belly, and this subcutaneous fat sure let them live far longer and to higher weights….when she didn’t push them so hard. Whenever she caught a small, lithe 5 foot nothing thing, she couldn’t help but try to destroy her as fast as possible. Forcing a poor girl who barely stood over 5 feet to carry half a ton of bone breaking lard was cruel, but she didn’t care.

She often enjoyed getting couples, and seeing their eyes as they watched the other soar to insane sizes bought her much pleasure. Watching your knight in shining armor squeal as he was forced to c*m into his own rolls, before tears forming from his heart pain, while you yourself couldn’t save him because you weighed 900 pounds was an experience many did not care for. A gang of sexually starved feeders preying on your beloved wife’s rolls and folds, while you could not lift a finger, was not enjoyable.

And she loved it all. She used fat to ruin, destroy and bury. Ruin your life, destroy your health, and bury any semblance of a normal life.
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