the rapid fattening

chapter 1

July 28th, 2024. The day now dubbed as “The Fattening.” For reasons unexplained, almost every woman on the planet was subjected to some kind of extreme weight gain. Results were varied, but it was always at least 150 pounds, and often more. The average seemed to be around 250-300 pounds, but could be as much as 700 or even more. Many cases involved a woman weighing less than 120 pounds suddenly exploding to 6 or 7 times that number.

Unlike many fantasies and ideas of sudden expansion or weight gain, almost all of these cases were anything but pleasant. The human body does not take well to a gain of 40-50 pounds in a few months, so imagine the strain when someone who weighs 110 pounds suddenly gains 600. The immediate gain straight up killed many, as their hearts and bodies simply could not handle such a drastic change.

The effects on the economy and infrastructure were almost instant. Any position being staffed by a woman was shut down until they could be moved and someone of a lesser weight could be reinstated. Several power grids went down when the female operators ballooned to enormous weights and couldn’t maintain the equipment. At least several airliners went down when their female pilots filled the main cabin, pushing the controls into a free fall. Any military or police force that employed women was crippled. It took almost two full years for the men and any able bodied women to straighten out the issues caused by The Fattening, and this nearly shut down international trade. Cooperation among nations improved, and the global economy slowly started to fix itself once we sorted out the disasters that this had caused.

Due to the extreme amounts of fat gained at random, many women who were already chubby or large were put at extreme risk. Many plus size models were rendered bed ridden overnight, or worse. It was a guarantee that almost everyone over 400 pounds was either immobile, barely mobile, or worse. Many fat admirers and feeders met their untimely ends underneath their wives and girlfriends. One minute your 450 pound wife is riding you, the next you’re suffocating underneath 1200 pounds of woman. And even if you didn’t fancy anyone larger, you would still see your skinny diva turn into a heaving blob.

I guess I was lucky.
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Apx00 1 month
I hope you write a part 4, this story is so interesting!
Apriljones 10 months
Someday this will get another part I hope haha.
Owennerd 1 year
Are you going to do a part 3 about the aftermath on earth or is this the end?
Yeet95 1 year
Yes, more to follow
Owennerd 1 year
Great. I feel like you’ve really struck WG gold with this particular premise.