amy's gain

Chapter 1

In the quiet confines of her apartment, in the town of Burlington, Vermont, resting softly under the blanket of night, Amy Fisher looked at her suitcases with a twinge of apprehension. An opportunity had emerged from the concrete jungle of San Francisco - an offer from a renowned tech firm - and Amy was ready to leave her cosy little hometown for the unpredictable waves of the city.

She was an unassuming woman of 24 years, standing at an elfin height of 5'3", with a body more reminiscent of a ballet dancer's delicate grace than the voluptuous figure she had always secretly craved. Her hair, a lively array of chestnut curls, danced down to her shoulders, framing a face lit up by a pair of inquisitive emerald eyes.

Amy's slender form was a testament to her self-discipline and moderate eating habits. Her wiry arms, her lean waist, the sinewy muscles of her legs - all elicited the admiration of friends and family. They could not fathom her clandestine desire to be larger, to be enveloped in a form that felt substantial and real.

Yet it was not societal approval she sought. It was a sense of self-fulfilment, a desire that seemed to echo in the hollows of her empty curves, the spaces she wished were filled with softness. It was a yearning that lay deep within her, like a secret so sweet yet so forbidden that acknowledging it felt like stepping into a shadowed world.

As a software engineer, she possessed an intellect that was highly revered. Her disciplined focus was always evident in her precise, dexterous hands, the same hands that crafted lines of elegant code. Yet, her heart harboured a secret wish that was far removed from the fluorescent-lit world of logic and order.

This late-night departure from her safe haven carried an ominous whisper, promising a chapter of her life that was dark and thrilling. She was prepared to descend into this abyss, this seductive journey of self-transformation that was at once enticing and terrifying.

Her friends and family waved her off at the airport, their smiles a stark contrast to the thrill of trepidation coursing through her veins. The jet engines roared, echoing her rising anticipation, her silent yearning to succumb to this unsettling desire to pursue the body she always dreamt of having.

As the plane took flight, leaving behind the familiar skyline of her hometown, Amy stared down at her slender frame. This was the beginning, she thought, a clandestine promise to herself. She was stepping into a world that was shrouded in ambiguity, her path illuminated only by the intoxicating allure of the unknown. With a quiet gasp of surrender, she opened her heart to this forbidden pleasure, ready to embrace the uncertain journey ahead.
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Yeyeyiyo 1 week
Great story, looking forward for an update
ConJohn 1 month
This story is a ton of fun! Keep up the great writing!!
Pd500 1 month
Amy's got this all figured out! I can't weight to see what happens in chapter 30! Love this!
Justenjoy 2 months
So glad to see Klara back on the weight gain train!
Pd500 2 months
I love ❀️ this! Especially the end of 24. She didn't care....Love these words
Mahi 2 months
Hope to see this continue! Bravo
BionicOne 3 months
Yo!!! I LOVE this story so much!! This is so masterfully erotic and Soooo perfect! Thank you thank you thank you so much!!!
Fatpeter 3 months
I’m hoping the chocolates left for Amy may have been from a FA in the office, who could be her potential feeder in the future?πŸ€”
Pd500 3 months
Great story!

I keep re-reading chapter 15 praying for more!
Lisandro_14 3 months
Always open to suggestions, so feel free to write anything you’d like to happen in the story and I’ll see if I can make it work
Justenjoy 3 months
I hope Klara’s diet fails and she ends up even bigger than when she began.
Scottishninja 3 months
This has been really well written so far.
GhostAssassin36 3 months
This weight swap is going to be legendary
Beatlemaster... 3 months
Excellent story so far. A good role reversal is always fun and it's nice to see one where the two are friendly and trying to help each other.
Just Here 4 months
Who's the artist for the cover image?
Erimat23 3 months
Jolene 4 months
Absolutely wonderful... Moar pleaz nao!
Jazzman 4 months
Would love to have a little vignette of Kiaras journey to SSBBW. Was she ever thin? What set her on the path? It would be a story within a story.
This Story is well written And Super Niva Hot!
Tom123 4 months
Chapter 4 is just perfection. Keep it going!
Jazzman 4 months
Excellent prose. You're a real writer. Looking forward to more.