prey & predator

Chapter 1

The hallway in the forum building at Erica’s university was generally a busy place for students but not so much for Erica who was simply trying to be as comfortable as possible waiting for another 40 minutes before her next class was to begin. The chubby yet cute blonde was partaking in one of her daily rituals, eating a heavy lunch between her classes while simultaneously doing everything in her power to not have to interact with anyone else. She went to her usual spot, at the far reach of the hall farthest from where students usually gathered and sat in one of two older yet soft couches in a dark corner adjacent to one of Erica’s interests, a vending machine.

The girl had beautiful facial features and by most standards was not unattractive, instead she simply looked like someone who was unmotivated and had little will power, both of these qualities were something that Raymond was incredibly fond of and sought after. Everyday, unbeknownst to Erica, Raymond would walk by Erica’s corner admiring her silently as she stuffed herself with a fattening and greasy meal everyday, relishing in every bite.

After realizing that she was always alone, Raymond decided to make contact with her, casually walking right up to her and asking if she would mind if he sat on the adjacent couch which was the current home of some of her fast food wrappers, the remnants of yet another large meal she had just finished. She looked up at him in shock, eyes as big as saucers as she was thrust into conversation she hadn’t planned for, fumbling for the right words while taking in this very handsome man who was frankly way out of her league with his chiseled facial features and brought chest, and dark mysterious eyes everything about him was pure sex appeal as far as Erica was concerned. “Um yeah of course I’m sorry” she said as she quickly scrambled to remove her trash from his seat. She was embarrassed that he had seen what she just consumed and was red in the face with a burning sense of shame that she was still a bit peckish. “It’s perfectly fine” Raymond said as he beamed a warm smile at her that caused her to blush again.

After a few moments of silence whilst subtly eyeing Erica’s shape and doing a quick inventory of her pudge, Raymond crossed his legs and struck, “I am Raymond” he said in a cool velvety voice extending a professional handshake towards the soft girl giving her a perfect smile that seemingly pierced her soul “Erica” she said nervously smiling back at this handsome young man who was oozing sheer charisma. Raymond was everything the shy girl dreamed of tall and strong with a sense of adventure and outgoingness that she lacked terribly, he was perfect.

Raymond knew he had her if he wanted to pursue Erica, and he could tell that she loved what she saw. “It’s nice to meet someone as beautiful as you are Erica not to mention rare”. She was instantly floored with his forwardness and smiled slyly back at him drinking in the rare compliment and fidgeting a bit. Erica couldn’t help but feel instantly smitten by Raymond and the fact that she was so introverted made the feeling even stronger due to her general loneliness, she hadn’t been with anyone since high school and that was only once. Her thoughts were pierced by Raymond offering to take her to dinner. “Yes!” The girl stammered out, surprised at herself that she accepted the offer so quickly from a man she had just met. She felt almost a sense of protection from him though, as if he could make everyone else in their school fade away, a feeling of security that permeated from Raymond.

That night Raymond picked her up at her home that she stayed in with 3 other juniors. She barely knew them and always kept to herself so the other girls were taken aback when such a good looking man came to the door asking for Erica. As they drove away in his fairly new Suburban, Erica and Raymond made small talk on the way to their destination she asked where he was taking her assuming that this was too good to be true she was thinking they’d go to a cheap restaurant and he would try to have sex with her like a small handful of interested suitors had tried in the 3 years she’d been at school but was shocked when he told her they were going to Davanti’s a very nice Italian restaurant in town.

Walking through the doors of the intimate and romantically lit restaurant, she noticed Raymond go straight to the front desk and discreetly slipped a 50 dollar bill to the manager who quickly led the couple to a private booth in the back of the packed restaurant, leaving the 40+ patrons waiting to be seated frustrated. Erica felt so embarrassed walking past everyone like they were staring right through her but at the same time felt a surge of relief that she didn’t have to wait next to them for an hour or more to be seated. When they got to their booth, Raymond took her jacket and allowed her to be seated first like a gentleman. Erica smiled at him, and asked why he would pay extra to avoid the wait. He looked up at her warmly smiling and said “it’s because a woman as gorgeous as you are should always come first”. She turned her head smiling at him, butterflies seemingly fluttering in her belly. Raymond looked at his date up and down taking in her down to earth charm and noticing that her black cocktail dress was snug, “I think that you look wonderful in that dress” he said genuinely with a full grin, I do hope you’re hungry this place has excellent food that I know you will enjoy thoroughly.
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Angelhoney 2 months
love this one sm
CZC545 2 months
Thank you all for the kind words! Truly humbled by the support, I wrote this story out on my cell phone, so I apologize for any shortcomings.
Green Eyes Dose 2 months
DM if you want to recreate this story in real life and are on the west coast.
Chubbylatina 2 months
This made me *** so hard honestly, it is so incredibly sexy, great pacing, you really know what gets feeders off!
BigJoeSD 3 months
Super dark and erotic! very good writing too!
Wisconfa 3 months
I'm on Chapt 9. This is fantastic. Hope you continue