Entering the world

Chapter 2

Monday, 22nd December

My mother sent me out today to get some things for Christmas she had not got around to getting. When I saw some mince pies and a Christmas cake needed buying I had an idea even though it was totally the wrong side of town to go and see if my favourite bakers assistant was still working there. Having finished the other shopping I headed to the bakery and was pleased to see Rachael was behind the counter.

“Hi Rachael, long time no see, could I get a dozen mince pies and one of those Christmas cakes over there.”

“Sure Ryan, good to see you again.”

I don‘t know if I was gawping again at her magnificent form, but I guess I probably was from the next comment.

“Look Ryan, I finish for the day in ten minutes why don’t you wait.”

So I hung back in the shop for a while and worried about people I know seeing me out with this SSBBW. I know she has a figure I crave but what would my friends and family think if they saw me out with a woman this size. When she finally did finish we arranged to meet at the cinema this evening, so I took the shopping home and got ready to go out again.

As we met just inside the doorway of the multiplex I gave her a quick peck on the cheek. As we entered I was paranoid I would bump into someone I know while we were there, but it never happened.

From what I can tell the movie was pretty rubbish, but I really was not paying much attention, I was to busy kissing Rachael and feeling her fat. After the film finished we very quickly found our way back to Rachael flat and were taken over by desire.

I was coming back from a call of nature and took a moment to just take her all in lying on the bed asleep. She has long wavy fiery red hair and her face and rest of her skin has cute little freckles covering it. Her face is much rounder than Sarah’s with a much more prominent double chin which really suits her.

Although she has a good sized pair of breasts and lovely thick arms most of her weight is congregated below. It is the first time I have ever seen a belly that big up close and personal and also the first time I’d seen one that has a bit of a double belly effect to it.

As if she knew I wanted to take her all in she actually rolled over in her bed so I could get a closer look at her bum too, it was so big and round and went to help make her more of a pear.

I have always considered myself a breast man, and it is true I like a nice pair but looking at Rachael I realised so long as they have a reasonable cleavage a huge belly, bottom and thighs can be just as good.

Damn my parents insisting I am back home each night when I am staying with them, so I could not wake up next to her in the morning, I‘ve just turned twenty for Christ sake.

Saturday 27th December

Having spent the last couple of days with family as good as it had been, I had been looking forward to seeing Rach again.

As I arrived at her flat her housemate opened the door, it seemed strange that someone else knew that I was seeing a woman as big as Rachael, but that was definitely eased by the fact at least I did not know her.

“Hi I am Catherine, you must be here to see Rachael, we are just having lunch, why don’t you join us?”

Catherine really did not look like she had much for lunch, she was so skinny and as I looked at the two of them at the kitchen table it made Rachael seem even bigger. There were a selection of sandwiches in the middle of the table, in the time I was there Catherine just slowly nibbled on one quarter of one, whereas I had a whole sandwich and Rach had about three.

“Nice to meet you Ryan and see you later Rach I am off to meet a friend in town.” With that after a quick stop in her room to grab a coat she was gone.

“I’ve brought you a present, why don’t we take them to your room.” Showing her the selection box I had in a bag.

I love the little sound she makes from the effort it takes just from getting up and out of a chair, like she did then as we headed off to her room. It also gave me a side view of her belly and I saw how much it hangs down rather than sticking straight out that Sarah’s does.

Once we stripped down a little and got comfy on her bed she started on the first chocolate bar, a Twix. While I went straight to rubbing her flabulous body as she ate her chocolates, on her forth bar, a Bounty she said.

“Maybe I can finish this bar, but then no more I am stuffed.”

Could not believe she struggled to eat as much as Sarah was but I guess Sarah was gaining a lot of weight, where as Rachel may only be trying to maintain it.

Tuesday, 30th December

The two of us were in Rachael’s bed, I having just hand fed her half a dozen éclairs she had brought back from the bakery.

“Look Ryan the last week has been great, but work is a big enough weight gain minefield, having a boyfriend like you as well, I’d be the size of a house.”

“Is that such a bad thing?”

“I like being a big girl, but there is a limit, and anyway I think we both know this was always going to be a bit of fun and not the start of something more.”

“Yeah it has been great though, how about another shag for the road.”

“Go on then.”

On my way finally out she gave me one of her cheeky smiles and said.

“Maybe I’ll call you for a booty call sometime.”

I am only a bit sad about the brush off, she was right I think this was only ever going to be a bit of fun, just a shame it couldn’t have lasted until I got back to uni.
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Chriskin8 12 years
Not quiet as good as your original piece but it has access ability to be great.. depending on how the story goes forward