Entering the world

Chapter 3

Saturday, 7th February

I awoke this morning laying in my bed with a nice chubby red head, I knew I would probably get stick from my housemates for it later so I wanted to enjoy this for now. So I went and started spooning her but every time I put my hands on her soft squidgy stomach she would put her hands on them and pull them up to her breasts.

“I’ve got to go, I start work at one and I need to go home and change first, but this has been great.”

“It has.”

She got up and I noticed she was trying to hide her plump body from me as she changed into her discarded clothes. It seemed a shame that someone as beautiful as her would be embarrassed by her size. After she finished putting on her clothes after another quick kiss and cuddle she was off. With that I went back to bed for an hour before finally going out to the lounge to face the music.

“What the hell man, what is it with the fat chicks?”

“Look I just like a woman with curves alright.”

“Calm down dude (yes, he really says dude), it is fine at least if were doing the wingman thing you can take the fat friend they always seem to have.”

Did I really tell someone today that I like fat chicks, that really feels like a step or something. Plus they really did not seem to have a problem with it. Only then though was my mood altered when it dawned on me I had failed to get Julie number off her before she left.

Wednesday, 12th May

Well did not have the opportunity to write yesterdays log so this is for both days. Yesterday Nathan, James and myself went to the a club in town that was having a student night. So we were getting pissed on cheap drink and talking the rubbish blokes normally do on these nights.

“Anyone caught your eye Ryan?” Nathan asked, I pointed out the young woman I had noticed when we first arrived while she or none of her friends seemed to be looking our way.

“You seriously think she looks good?” James said.

“Sure she has got curves in all the right places, you should try it some time.”

“Rather not, but don’t let us stop you.”

I didn’t having had enough to drink to ease my reservations, I went over to the tubby little brunette and started flirting with her. It was a bit weird chatting up a lass when I knew Nathan and James were looking at me judging my choices. But I soon enough forgot about them as I started to connect, with this young woman, Nicola. A few drinks, a rather raunchy dance, some groping in the back of a taxi and we were in my room for some debauchery.

Nicola was still asleep in my bed when I awoke in the morning so I decided it would be nice to fix her up some breakfast.

“Morning sleepyhead I’ve fixed you up some brekkie.”

“Oh right, thank you. That is a lot of food.”

Maybe I had gone a bit overboard with the fry up, but I assumed she had not got a figure like hers eating light.

“Oh I am so stuffed.”

“Let me help you with that.”

With that I put one hand down on her belly and with the other picked up a fork and stabbed a piece of sausage and brought it up to her mouth.

“What are you doing you freak? Just because I am fat does not mean I want someone feeding me food, I can do that all on my own.”

With that she quickly got changed and stormed out the room as fast as she could. A few minutes later I wondered into our living room Nathan was there eating his cereal.

“Wow dude, what happened? she certainly did not seem pleased as she left.”

“You win some lose some, well I guess I better knuckle down and do some revision.”

“Same here. Exams start in ten days”

I was not going to tell him exactly what happened, the whole feeding thing is a quirk to far, I just hope she does not start telling people, but I don‘t really know her so it should be alright. Also I guess I should not go to fast in the future, oh well lesson learnt.

Sunday, 13th June

Well passed my second year comfortably enough with a 66% average, it counts for 15% of my final degree so suitably chuffed with myself.

The other bit of good news today came when Mr Adams finally confirmed he would like me to work on his garden again, start a week tomorrow. Wonder if Sarah still has a boyfriend not heard from her at all in ages and how much will she weighs now.
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Chriskin8 12 years
Not quiet as good as your original piece but it has access ability to be great.. depending on how the story goes forward