Fast food job

chapter 2

She was so schocked, her belly was bulging out a few inches, a lot of food was consumed, and she was kinda turned on by it. "Ooh hello biggirl" she said to herself in the mirror, she thought that she should gain 100 lbs then stop as she wasn't ed to have a shape and didn't want to get too fat.
She went to bed, dreaming about what tomorrow would bring.

She woke up, not fEaling bloated at all! She could feel her belly was soft and you couldn't see her six pack very well anymore, her butt was two squishy watermelons of fat, and she loved it, she stepped on the scales and it read 87lbs, she was over the moon.

She got to McDonald's early to have a breakfast for free before she worked. But they told her to taste the big breakfasts, they said that It would be around five. She waddled in the back, excited, she unbuttoned her pants and got started. She loved the mcdonalds breakfast, after she finished, she asked for a few more, leading her up to about nine.

You couldn't see her six pack any more and her butt was even more squishy she had a massive bloated belly as she tried not to chew as much, it must have looked around five months pregnant.
They took her into a big room, filled with massive four hundred pounds bbws filming themselves eating the test foods, at first Ballena thought that it was weird, but quickly thought that she could do that. So she did, she asked a massive 500 lbs girl named Bailey how to make it sexy, and she said to rub your belly and burp loads. She took the advice and filmed herself rubbing stuffing and groaning until late the end of the day. She must have eaten around 50 burgers, and her belly ripped through her tight shirt. " Yes, it ripped, people would like that" Ballena said to Bailey.
" OMG THEY WILL, NOW YOU HAVE TO got to fantasy feeder , a website where you upload them and then upload it. BTW, I have nowhere to stay, could I stay at ur place, it could help you gain."
" Yes, that would be great" Ballena said looking like she is 200lbs already, her c cup bras were getting filed up now.
" On the way back, we could buy around 40 pizzas for dinner as I only ate 340 burgers today."
"340????" Ballena said.
" Yeah you may think that is a lot but it is not, I must of only gained a few pounds".

They got the pizzas and got back, Ballena wore a small cocktail dress to entertain her guest her belly was already nearly ripping through and she didn't start eating yet. She put sexy music on and they began Ballena ate 30 as Bailey said that she could eat loads, they agreed to dance and have sex (lesbians btw) and when Ballena got up her gut split her dress in half exposing her 20lb butt, her daughter cup breasts and her 10 inch bloated belly.
"Ooh lala" They both said.
Ballena weighed herself. She ate 30 large pizzas 50 hamburgers and nine breakfast meals from mcdonalds. She wa 94lbs, her belly was massive, but if she were taller she would have weighed at least 100....
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