Gaining memories

Chapter 4

I may have been slightly older than my peers when I made my first sexual forays but the wait did me good. I threw myself in passionate with little self-consciousness. In books they never seem to get the descriptions right, it’s all arching backs, big moans, slim thighs and hard cocks. They just don’t seem to catch the moment properly at all, the heat, the warm slick of soft flesh moulding together, spreading like butter on hot toast. The gelatinous wobbles of a caressed belly and constant rub of thigh upon thigh. Finally a type of chaffing I could get on board with.

Sucking on a lone chocolate hoop I tried not to be engulfed in the tsunami of memories that threatened to engulf me. That all went out the window though the moment an advert for galaxy came on the TV screen and I was thrust head first into a night from years gone by.

There was chocolate everywhere, on my fingers and face. Melting on my tongue, even the walls bore traces where I had flung my hand out to steady an embrace. Heavy breaths against my ear, hot lips against the curve of my neck, laying on my side in bed the rustling of plastic brought to my attention the new piece of chocolate winging its way towards my mouth. He fed me with slim fingers I couldn’t help but suck on and nip playfully. Behind me he lined up along my back like a bigger spoon, slick sensitive skin running the length of my own, his intense heartbeat pulsing against my shoulder. More rustling and a larger piece of chocolate appeared, then another, nearly a whole row of the enormous bar was pushed slowly into my mouth.

‘More’? He asked his voice heavy with desire. My nod was barely perceptible against the pillow but my demands were met, more chocolate and then suddenly the thrust of flesh I had been craving. My breath caught in my throat as I tried to swallow and gasp at the same time. So much happening, so much to take in, my brain was buzzing, the chocolate, the heat, the empty wrappers littering the bed, the fullness of my stomach and the soft hands gripping it closer to him…

I snapped back to reality with a sudden soggy jolt. My cereal bowl had upended the last dregs of milk down my shirt and awoken me from what had evidently turned into dreams. Groggily I got up from the sofa clutching the now empty bowl. Placing the bowl in the sink I couldn’t help but scowl at the soggy patch spreading across my stomach. Definitely time for bed, I climbed the stairs weary and heavy legged, my hair slowly escaping from the clip.

My bedroom was still alight from the table lamp as I entered the room; my pyjamas hit the floor with a soft thump as I made my way towards the huge bed. No need for clothes when sleeping, too uncomfortable by far. Flinging back the covers, I switched off the light and climbed in. There’s something sumptuous about burrowing into your dip in the bed surrounded by the huge duvet and innumerable pillows. Everything soft and warm just like myself.

I slept like a log that night and woke only when the morning light began to filter through the curtains in a golden glow, awakening me to a new day and endless opportunities.
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Palndrm 12 years
Your study of writing certainly shines through. Great story.