My lady’s story

Chapter 4 - part three

Liara gave a heavy sigh as she finally escaped the hall. She found relief in the solitariness of the palace's balconies. Like a foolish child trying to hide the evidence of its wrongdoing Liara stuffed all of the truffles into her mouth at once and swallowed without even tasting them.

"You must have been hungry," a voice behind her said, cool and liquid as quicksilver.

Liara gasped and turned to see Queen Morgana standing behind her. The Queen looked immaculate in the moon light, giving her alabaster skin an almost supernatural glow and an eery youthfulness. Her eyes were a blue so deep that they were almost purple. She wore a simple black dress and a plain silver circlet crowned her black hair.

The Queen stepped forward, closing the space between them. "There's no need to be embarrassed, Princess."

Liara shivered as the Queen reached out her hand as if she was going to stroke Liara's hair and then with a little flourish produced an identical truffle from behind her ear. As a child Liara's grandfather had performed a similar trick for her many times, making her laugh delightedly but she didn't feel like laughing now. She didn't know what to feel now. She could only stare dumbly, transfixed by the Queen.

The Queen held the truffle to Liara's lips "Perhaps you can enjoy this one."

Liara could only nod and allow the Queen to feed her the truffle. As the chocolate shell burst releasing its liquid ganache in her mouth, Liara's whole body seemed to shudder with a release of pleasure.

"I knew as soon as I saw you that you were starving." the Queen said. She ran her fingers down length of Liara's corset and the fabric loosened it's constrictive grip on Liara's stomach. "What kind of cruel contraption is this that they have you wearing?|

Liara blushed. "It's my own fault really. It shouldn't be so tight but I'm so idle and greedy and -"

"Who told you that?" the Queen asked sharply.

"My father, our governess..." Liara could't understand why she spoke so openly to this woman but the words continued to rush from her lips. "Well, everyone really. I'm sure you will too when you marry father."

"Marry your father...?" the Queen gave a scornful little laugh and shook her head. "One day you will learn that there's a wider world than this narrow little kingdom"

"I haven't always lived here," Liara said. "I lived with my mother and grandfather in Adipos before mother passed."

"Yes, I think I met your mother. The women of Andipos are regarded as great beauties in my kingdom." The Queen smiled and gently stroked Liara's cheek. "You look like her, you know."

"I've been afraid of that for as long as I can remember." Liara whispered, she could feel the tears stinging her eyes.

Morgana held the Princess close and kissed her tears. "Dear child, I promise you will not always feel this way." Then she kissed her on the lips, tenderly at first and then with passionate intensity as she felt the Princess give herself up to her.

When Liara opened her eyes the Queen was gone. She stood alone in the moonlight as the palace clock struck midnight. The ball was over. Had she really been gone for so long?

She returned to her chamber trying to make sense of what had happened. Her sisters were already sound asleep, knocked out by too much wine and excitement. As she slipped under the silk sheets of her bed she felt something firm under her pillow. It was a small silver box exquisitely decorated with a jewel inlay of the crest of Impiorum, inside were four little bonbons. The Princess put one in her mouth and as she luxuriated in its sweet and exotic passionfruit flavour she began to explore her body, finding pleasure instead of shame in her soft curves for the first time in her life. As her fingers gently teased between her legs she thought of the Queen's kiss and had to bite her lip so that her moans of ecstasy would not wake her sisters.

Liara slept more soundly than she had since she was a child but still the old nightmare came to her. But this time she wasn't paralysed and crushed by the unseen weight. Her dream self was able to heave herself up and look down. Her body was unbelievably fat: her huge belly spilling down and forcing her enormous thighs apart and her vast ass spread out underneath her. Her breasts were ripe and rested on her belly, even her arms were plush and pillowy. When she tried to move her whole body jiggled, a cascade of roll upon roll of blubber.

The Princess awoke with a gasp, her heart racing and her forehead sweaty but she was wet between her thighs.
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AceFA 1 year
I read this story recently and really loved it so far! Will the story still continue?
Girlcrisis 3 years
Nah, not rude all. I think that's quite a legitimate question to ask about a story that's a couple of years old but yes, it will continue.
Eponymous 3 years
It's great to see more of this!
Girlcrisis 3 years
Thank you! I’ve been enjoying reading your stories lately too.
Girlcrisis 3 years
Haha, thank you, mysterymeat. Always nice to hear that there’s still some interest in my stories.
LitMistress 5 years
Ooooooo, are you writing again! Always a fan of your work smiley This is an absolutely delicious story, would always love to find there is more to read
Eponymous 5 years
It’s great to see another chapter of this. Your stuff really is second to none as far as these sorts of stories are concerned.
Girlcrisis 7 years
Thanks Jay. I love following your gaining chronicles so will take that as a big compliment. I plan to finish most of the stories I've posted on here so there will definitely be more of this.
Giantjay 7 years
Oh my god, I love this story! One of the very best I have ever read! I sooooo hope you continue!
Akwolfgrl13 7 years
Really good!
Girlcrisis 7 years
Thanks Eponymous. I always appreciate your comments.
Eponymous 7 years
This is so damn good. Very much my kind of story. And you, of course, tell it wonderfully.
Girlcrisis 8 years
Thanks slightlyshy and fatlilboy. Glad to hear that you're enjoying it.
Noarthereonl... 8 years
This is delightfully dark and erotic. Great writing!
Fatlilboy 8 years
I love it all. To now know where one's creative mind is going makes this all the more delicious. Be cruel - be nice, be intriguing, then change it all up. Force her to gain weight - have sex, show her weight gain, pinch and prod her, put her on display
Yindy 8 years
Slow build up but so worth it! More Morgana please!