belly full of desire

a new job

The summer breeze was a welcome addition to Kali's morning run, it was 9am and there was not a cloud in the sky. The elderly couple that always had their breakfast on the porch waved at Kali as she did her usually route. She waved back with a big welcoming smile before returning back to being lost in her chain of thought while her favourite band thumps in her ear phones. Kali was a not the tallest girl, standing at around 5'4" but she had curves to die for, she had nice perky C cup breasts, flat stomach with a very small soft layer coating and wide hips with a firm round bum. Her legs were in proportion to her body but weren't stick thin and her arms were toned like a cheerleader. She had long brunette hair that went half way down her back which framed her perfectly cute face. She had soft cheekbones that complimented her hazel eyes, soft lips and defined jawline that would make any guy stumble over his words. She wore her old knock around shirt that was a little too big for her and short baggy sweat pants. While she had no reason to hide or be shy of her body she never felt comfortable with herself and was always looking for an excuse to cover up.

She had just finished her circuit and arrived at her house when her boyfriend pulled into the driveway. She sat down on the front porch catching her breath and having a drink when she heard him beeping the horn repeatedly.

"Coming!" She half yelled and she dropped her water bottle. "Oh damn it!" She could be as graceful as a swan when she tried but as clumsy as drunk giraffe when she got flustered. She reached down for the bottle and kicked it seconds before her hands grabbed it and sent it flying down the front yard. The beeping started again from the car and she gave up on the water bottle and started to half run to the car.

"What are you doing Kali!? I have things to do you know!" Gary yelled out through the car window "Get the groceries out of the back and take them through the front door while I park the car" Kali had opened the back door of the car and was grabbing all the bags as he watched her with a slightly angry glare "I wouldn't need to have gotten this if you didn't help yourself when you get board" he spat out in a very unwelcoming manner.

"Babe please don't yell at me like that I haven't been helping my self whenever I want" Kali tried not to meet his gaze as she gathered the bags.

"It's lucky you always go for runs in the morning or you would look like Mrs Belem down the road" he retorted as Kali closed the door and he pulled the car around back.

She felt embarrassed with her self, had she been snacking more often than she used too? Gary was an reserve quarter back for a big team and he lived off his fathers money which is how he had owned his own home so young. She had started dating him shortly before they finished high school and took a huge step when he got signed and moved half way across the country with him. She only had her mother back home but she told Kali to get out there and experience the big city life while she could. It was fun at first but Gary made a heap of new friends while he was out here and always had guys nights and Kali just couldn't find somewhere she belonged if that was the best way to put it. Truth was she was bored, at first the idea of being a trophy wife as Gary stated sounded awesome but it faded pretty quick. She still had her art to keep her preoccupied which she was really good at so it wasn't a complete loss. She would play some upbeat main stream crap that was always on the radio ironically and jump around the room in an old shirt and underwear while painting away making fun of the music and laughing to herself.

"Hellllllooo?" Kali snapped back into reality as Gary was waving a hand in front of her face. "Back on planet Earth yet?" He said in a flat tone.

"Ohhh ah yeah haha sorry blanked out again" she shyly answered while pulling out all the food and putting them away. "So what do you have on today my sexy beast" she wasn't exactly in a flirty mode but it was easier to just feed his ego.

He gave a slight grin and flexed for no reason "I am a sexy beast aren't I?" He laughed at himself which almost made her roll her eyes "me and the boys are gonna go practice and then probably head out of town for a week" he casually dropped as if it was no big deal.

"Ahh I thought you were going to take me out tonight?" She half heartedly asked.

"Huh? Oh ah yeah sorry can't do that" he saw her visibly sigh "oh come on baby" he leant in and put his finger under her chin and lifted it up to meet his eye "I'll make it up to you next time, maybe you could go find a part time job while I'm gone because I know you always moan about being bored...might help you loose the few pounds you've been carrying around" he laughed as her walked out of the room.

She was furious, she knew he would egg her on if she showed it so she bit her lip and when and got changed. Kali hastily got changed and grabbed her bag and left without even saying goodbye to Gary. She had no idea where she was going so she hoped on the train and threw in her ear phones and just slightly fumed. After a few songs she had almost forgotten about Gary and was bobbing her head along to the beat before looking around to see what stop she was at. Not recognising anything she decided to hope off and check the map of the train line and see how far she actually had gone. Ok so she hadn't gone too far past the city, only three stops to a place called Grafton. It looked like an older estate which a few old warehouses that had been converted into nightclubs something similar. She walked down the first street and turned at the end and was greeted with a building that looked like it was right out of the 1920's. A big sign with Full of Desire in neon lights and a round women face outline eating a love heart in neon lights also.

Curiosity got the better of her and she walked closer to get a better look. The sign said closed with opening times beside it saying doors open 9pm. Further more a help wanted sign was propped up in the window too! "Oh why the hell not, I've come this far" she said to no one in particular. She pushed on the door and sure enough it was unlocked so naturally she continued on inside. She could her a women's voice inside calling out directions to someone and a loud bang which followed.

"You do know what left means don't you?" The women's voice was getting louder as Kali found her way past the entrance and into the big arena with a bar on one side of the room and dj set up on the other, tables all through the middle area and big stage with a run way that came out to the centre of the room where a huge stripper pole was. She was staring in amazement at the roof with all the lights and nearly walked right into the tallish women who was shouting instructions to the guy moving the tables.

"Eh hem" the women mockingly cleared her throat to get Kali's attention.

It was then that Kali's eyes snapped forward and she this women for the first time properly. She was quite tall with a big blue wig on and heavy make up on her rounded face, her hands were on her pudgy hips and was leaning on her straight leg and the other was half bent at the knee. The pose she was striking was slightly intimidating but it also caused her big fat belly to stick out in front of her too. She wore high heals and fishnet stockings that wrapped around her chubby legs, lace underwear with straps that attached to the stockings and was half covered by her belly hanging over them. A push up bra that supported two huge melon sized breasts that were spilling out and a see through veil that hung down over her fat belly.

"I...uh...I" finding it difficult to finish her sentence she shook her head slightly and tried again "I saw you needed help? Um I mean I saw your help wanted sign out front?" She managed to stammer out.

The womem looked Kali up and down and half sorted. "You don't look like a feedee" she laughed as she know turned to face Kali properly as she rested an arm across the top of her belly and raised the other to tap her chin with her finger.

"A feed...a what sorry?" Kali had never heard of that term before.

The womem laughed "My name is Maria, what's your name innocent child?"

Kali couldn't tell if she was mocking her but she answered anyway "Kali"

"Ok...Kali, what....skills do you have?" Maria asked with an emphasis on the word skills.

"I'm a good waiter, I can also work a bar? My only job was at a local restaurant" Kali politely replied.

"I see, so you don't know what this place is then do you?" Maria's face gleaming with amusement.

Kali looked around one more time before answering "A strip club?"

A smile burst across Maria's fave "well that's close enough, it's definitely a place to show off a women's....physique...and a place to eat of course" she said as she patted her fat belly.

A little confused Kali replied "well that doesn't bother me I've worked with food and drinks before so I think I could handle it"

"...the girls who wait tables some times have to...perform for our guests, our shirts show off a lot of the mid section if you catch drift..." Maria left an air of mystery to that sentence. Kali still wasn't quire following but her curiosity was peaked.

"Well I guess that could be fun, might even build my confidence a little" she mulled it over "I think I could do it, what do you say Maria?"

There was a long pause before Maria replied "Jace go grab me a uniform, I think I would like to give dear Kali a go" she said as the man quickly ran out back and brought back a bag. "Be back here by 8 and we'll see how you....grow in this roll" she smiled as she beckoned Kali out the door.

Once the front door had closed Maria waltzed over to her padded chair and fell back into it causing her belly to wobble.

"Was she the new feedee?" Jace asked as he handed her a cocktail.

"She's a bit small...but we
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Chubster 3 months
Yes, you finally wrote more!

Harris 4 months
The story is almost complete, thanks for all those who have enjoyed the story. Especially thouse who started reading back when I started.
Love this story i hope Kali and jace become a couple because they're perfect for each other.
Baumbino 10 months
Please continue this
Urlacher127 11 months
Really hope there is a new chapter soon. Love this story
More best story on this sight
Bbman26 1 year
Cool, can't wait to see her gain!
Harris 1 year
I've been away for too long, sorry but I will be updating this story regularly from now on
Bbman26 2 years
Just like everyone else....more?????
in2bigwmn 2 years
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zxcvb90 3 years
I can't wait for more of this!
are we gonna hear more of the story?
Jazzman 3 years
The closest club I have seen is Butterfly Lounge.
But being a Myrtle Beach and Delaware strip club expert. The one club in Delaware is a dive. But they have women from slim to nearly Ssbbw. The Myrtle Beach clubs fire girls who gained except for one whi
Harris 3 years
The place in my story is made up but if there was one in real life I would love to go to a place that celebrates feeder and feedee life style
wisconfa 3 years
Great start..... keep it going
Jazzman 3 years
Pretty good premise and nice characters.