Like mother, like daughter

Chapter 3 - cathy fattens up for jack

And so as the months went on Cathy's weight increased faster. We had many detailed and frank discussions about how her being heavy turned me on, and that I really liked it, so she relaxed totally and agreed with gaining to please me. She said she wanted me happy and promised me a belly to her knees just like her Mom. I in turn agreed to do any and all chores around the house so she would not have to lift a finger, and waste any of those valuable calories. I was growing into size 40 pants as well since her Mom was looking after us closely. We had better sex than ever, and Cathy would order dessert and huge portions whenever we were out to eat - then would say to the waitress "to get bigger for my hubby." One time out at a restaurant our waitress, a blonde hottie clearly about 50 pounds overweight, stuffed into a too small uniform, all rolls showing, looked at me knowingly and said, "Yeah my boyfriend likes bigger girls too - Thank God for us fat gals that they do!" When the waitress walked away I was checking out her wide, soft, ***s and great big panty lines, but Cathy's Mom, sitting next to me gave me a dirty look and if eyes were daggers I would have been dead. She reached under the table and squeezed my semi-hard dick painfully as a warning.

By the time Cathy reached 250 pounds a whole new wardrobe was needed. Her Mom smiled and said "Pretty soon girl you can wear my stuff." Cathy blew her off and said "Jack would LOVE that, Mom - you know he likes bigger girls!" Her Mom smiled and squeezed my asss hard as she waddled by. A few close friends commented to me "Wow, Cathy has really put on the pounds, Jack." I simply said, "You know how it is, after they get married they look like their Mom," which brought loud and nervous laughter. Little did they know that every time I saw her growing body I got a hard on. Cathy's friends were amazed at her weight gain. One friend named Julie, who used to run track with Cathy in high school, asked about her gain, "You have really gotten heavy Cathy, when are you going to stop packing on the pounds?", and Julie was told by Cathy, "My Jack wants me fatter, and I like being a fattened pig. He does all the work, all I do is lay around eat and fucck him!" After Julie left in disgust, I showed Cathy some comparison photos, before her weight gain and some current photos. The various clothing and positions showed how completely her body had been transformed, her huge doughy belly now distended and sagging. Cathy was shocked and said, "Wow I have really fattened up haven't I! What a piggy I am!" I hugged her close and caressed her fat rolls and said "Thank you Honey, you are the best." Then we went shopping at Lane Bryant, where the top size barely fit her now, and the chubby sales girls wished for a husband like me who paid $2000 on clothes in one shopping spree. One of them, a flabby brunette, was eyeing me the whole time and brushed her wide hips against me near the changing room, saying "Sorry," but she didn't look sorry, she looked like she wanted something else. Then off to get ice cream with happy Cathy.
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Voluptuouslover 4 years
Great story...somewhat crude....but definitely made me extremely horny. 4 1/2 our of 5 stars
Northeastfeeder 6 years
I need more
Tommmy 11 years
Love it please continue!
Rickeb 11 years
Daughter got hotter,while Mummy got yummy.
Azerty 11 years
Wow. So nice, sexy. Lucky Jack. Great