Romance by the river

Chapter 3 - a new hire and some new fire

Patrick walked nonchalantly back toward the building, slowing his pace to ensure that Laura stayed far enough ahead that he could have a private moment. Once Laura was out of view, Patrick made a few calls as he sat on the bench, facing the river, and then spent a few minutes quietly pondering what to say to Laura. She was his love, without question. But his managerial side was determined not to let her outburst negate what he felt was an opportune hire, a bright, new assistant. Patrick decided at that moment that rather than going back inside, he'd go instead to visit a bake shop nearby that carried most of the forms of relief that he sought at the moment.

As soon as he arrived, he was greeted with a warm smile by the bakery owner's college-freshman daughter, Andrea, clad in delightfully tight jean shorts and a bake-shop issued t-shirt, and who excitedly waited on Patrick each time. "Good afternoon, Patrick," she said, "Are we going with the usual today?" she asked. He nodded back in the negative. "OK, well tell me what you'd like to eat today?" she said, in innocent oblivion. "Tell me what you have fresh," Patrick replied, taking note of a slight twinge in his silk boxers. Andrea pointed out some beautiful cheese & nut coffee cakes, a fresh baked chocolate cake and to a large tray of French crème horns that had just been put into the display case. "Give me four of those coffee cakes, the chocolate cake, and I'll take the entire tray of crème horns as well," he said. Seventy-six dollars later, Andrea rolled the cart with Patricks's afternoon purchases out to his SUV and helped load it all into the back, and he gave her a ten spot and his thanks. "I hope your staff enjoys all of this!! They must really love you, I'm sure you're a great boss!!" Andrea said, as he waved and got back into the vehicle for his own afternoon of fun. Instead of going back to work, Patrick went to his condo, where he downed one of the coffee cakes and two of the crème horns. When he reached for the third, he allowed his tongue to meander, far away from envisioning a bakery creation, instead focusing on the feminine attributes of his chosen pastry, and probing deeper with each successive stroke. His mind departed for a moment, as he licked deeper and more determinedly into the treat, flashing first to a vision of lovely Laura, and for brief moment to young Andrea, before fixating solidly on sultry Kristin. Suddenly the sweetness was beyond the reach of his tongue, and he inserted his finger deeply inward to retrieve what he could to keep his fantasied reality going.

Almost an hour had passed, but no sooner than his finger was covered with the stickiness, his cell phone rang, the caller ID showing the number from his HR department. Clearly irritated by the ill timed return to reality, he gruffly and abruptly answered "This is Patrick." "Good afternoon sir," said Juan, the new hire coordinator. "I'm calling about Kristin, um, it seems that we have run into a big problem. Can you please stop by our office as soon as possible?" asked Juan. His irritation turning quickly to concern, Patrick said "I'll be back shortly," and then hurriedly cleaned all of the residue from his face. After a quick drive back to the office, Patrick went straight to HR, and walked back to see Juan. Patrick sat down and Juan began talking, handing him not the normal background investigation form, but instead a detailed folder holding criminal court records. As he reviewed the report from the investigator, in just a few hours, they had turned up a court case where Kristin had been convicted on a felony charge two years earlier. "Well sir, if this was just a misdemeanor, we'd still be willing to extend the offer, but--" said Juan. Patrick jumped in "But nothing. This is not prohibitive. Extend the offer," he said. With more than a hint of defiance, Juan instead closed the folder and sat it down on his desk. "There is absolutely no way that HR will sign off on this candidate," Juan challenged. "I don't care. The charge was for aggravated domestic battery. Sounds like a pissed off boyfriend if you ask me," came Patrick's furious response. "Actually, did you read the police report? She tried to run down her live-in boyfriend with her car," said Juan, with his contempt becoming obvious. Patrick took the folder, pulled out his pen, and wrote "override HR objection, extend offer to candidate" before signing, dating and handing the folder back to Juan, with a forced, but determined smile. "I'm going to have this candidate checked out with some sources of my own," he said. "If I find even a slight amount of embellishment in this report, both you and your investigator are going to be looking for work, yourselves," he said. With that, Patrick stood up, turned his imposing frame and walked menacingly out of Juan's office, having just used his corporate rank to usurp the efforts made by a perceived upstart, self-absorbed HR goon. Patrick slammed Juan's office door so hard that his name plate fell off, a metaphor for his utter contempt and disdain for Juan.

Patrick went back to his office and listened to some voice mail messages, and sorted through his work to allow some time to vent some steam. Knowing that lunch had not gone very well, he wanted to make sure his anger was in check before seeing his lovely Laura again. After a few minutes, Patrick walked to the area where Laura was working, and asked her if she was ready to go home. "Sure, you're the boss. I'm ready whenever you are," she said. "Then let's go," he replied. Laura walked over and retrieved her purse, and they held hands as they walked out to Patrick's SUV for their ride home. "Listen babe, I'm really sorry about our episode at lunch, he said. "So I went to the bakery and got us a few things," he said. Laura stopped cold and pointedly looked at the ground. "You know how I feel about that," she said. "I know, but it has its purpose," he offered, arousing her suspicions, but not revealing a thing.

When they arrived at Patrick's condo, Laura walked in and saw the neatly stacked boxes with baked goods covering the kitchen island. "I can never say how much I love you," she started. Patrick knew by her tone what would follow. "But you are going to have to stop with this excessive eating. It just can't continue, you have to stop," she said. Determined not to argue, Patrick leaned over and started kissing Laura passionately, his tongue having had some limited practice earlier from the crème horn, and winding its way past her soft and inviting lips. A full round of stand-up necking ensued, with Laura kicking her heels off and shedding various parts of her clothing, as Patrick on cue began to remove his own clothes. He silently grabbed two of the crème horns and carried them along, as Laura led the way to the much anticipated bed. Laura was already on fire before her silky flesh ever touched the satin sheets, as Patrick worked his way with her bountiful breasts and caressed her torso from side to side, top to bottom, and front to back. With a playful kiss to Laura's chin, Patrick proceeded next to Laura's earlobes, where he whispered that he wanted to repay her for the delight she'd delivered for him in the shower a day earlier. Laura had been hoping for some of the usual clumsy, but well-intentioned, best-efforts sex from her big guy, but the expectation of his warm, skilled tongue proved almost too much to handle. Laura nodded back with her approval, and closed her eyes as Patrick worked his way down to her delightful mound, and delivered for her a very eager and much more practiced technique that put her quickly into sweats, and soon thereafter, into pure, uncontrolled bliss. Laura's wetness further excited and exhilarated Patrick, as he worked her clit and labias intently, and stayed on point and worked Laura to a second, and deeper, and stronger, result. She reached down with both hands and pulled Patrick's head closer, running her fingers through his fresh-cut, short hair and driving his face further inward, serving up still more titillation for them both.

It was only then that Laura opened her eyes, looked down and asked Patrick how he'd become so inspired. "Let me show you," he said. He reached for the crème horn, and started almost profanely lapping the crème out of the end, causing a simultaneous giggle and late-arriving pulsation for Laura. "You're not saying I taste like a crème horn, are you babe?' she asked. He playfully said no, but instead, it reminded him of Pepsi cola, causing her another playful giggle. Without a doubt, Patrick's antics showed Laura just how much he enjoyed his art, and for a brief moment, she felt almost greedy enough to ask him to continue. "I do have another new trick," he said. "But I'll save that one for next time," he said, with a smile.

As they continued with their evening tryst, concluding with the clumsy sex Laura had been expecting, the two of them could not have been further apart, despite having their literal proximity. The irony of being so close, but yet so differing in their thoughts, desires and plans, had yet to come into play. At the moment, only Patrick's intuition seemed trained on where this was going. And although it was exciting to him, deep down, it wasn't what he ultimately wanted. He loved Laura.
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