Catherine's self-discovery chapter 6

Chapter 3 - catherines selfdiscovery chapter 7 part 1

"Urgh", Catherine flopped onto the spacious sofa, the sudden movement causing her very large, and very full belly to jostle and wobble violently, bringing her to the sudden realisation of just how packed her belly really was. The uncomfortable motion ushered her to place both hands firmly on the protuberance in an attempt to bring it to a halt. "Oooooooooooooooo, thaaaaaaaat's better", grrrrumble "UUUURRP! Ooph, god, I really am turning into a pig, aren't I?" Cat said with a content smile on her face while giving her belly a wide rub. Her smile grew, she really couldn't believe the prospect of what the coming months would bring was making her happy, excited even: she was going to fatten up. No, even better than that, she was going to GET fattened up. Looking over her very engorged belly, she saw that Amy had already made a decent start on her new duties, and only a short time after meeting up again, they had really jumped into it feet first. 'Christ, what's Doctor Maxwell going to say on Saturday when he sees me? He's probably going to my kick ass, heck, he certainly couldn't miss it'll be so damn big.'


Catherine was roused from her ponderings from noise coming from the kitchen, her eyes darted from her gut to the direction of the kitchen, she certainly had no chance of actually getting up and going to investigate, that's for sure. She was firmly pinned under the weight of her pregnancy and her buffet feast, plus being very comfortable indeed. "What the *** are you doing in there, what's that noise?!"

"Nothing! Keep your panties on, I'll be through in a minute... On second thoughts, forget what I just said about keeping your panties on. Tee hee", Amy called from the kitchen.

Catherine rolled her eyes, such a predictable quip but she let it go, being the bigger pers... 'god, I walked right into that one, didn't I?' To be fair, with the amount of pressure on them right now, keeping her panties on might not really be optional for much longer. It feels like they're slicing me in half."

CLATTER! "Sounds like fun to me", Amy said walking round the corner into the living room, her hands clasped around a large tub of ice cream holding it practically under Catherine's nose, with a knowing grin on her face.

"What the hell are you doing? Get that away from me, haven't you made me eat enough today already?"

Dropping into the space next to Cat on the sofa, a hand shooting for her belly, she looked at her saying through her grin, "well you didn't get to have dessert at the restaurant, so I thought you might have a hankering for something sweet." She popped the lid, pulling a spoon from her pocket and taking a scoop, putting it immediately into her own mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Shit, that's good ice cream, now I understand why you have so much of it in the freezer. Oh, and look at the label on the lid" she said in a mock surprise tone, lifting the ice cream lid into both their views, "FULL FAT", Amy's hand reached and pinch considerably more than an inch of Catherine's fleshy side. "Heck, with ice cream this good I'd be half tempted to get knocked up just so I could stuff myself with it all day. Buuuuuuut I suppose as it stands you beat me to the punch, so I guess I'll just have to stuff YOU with it all day instead."

The instant Catherine opened her mouth to respond, Amy sneakily slid a large mouthful into her, not quite a perfect shot, some drops were dribbling down Catherine's chin. With a finely manicured finger, Amy wiped the drops off Catherine's face before presenting her dripping finger to Cat's now chocolatey lips.

Catherine stared at the ice cream covered finger, then at Amy, with a small smile curling up at the corners of her lips, unable to resist even a few drops of the treat her soft lips wrapped sensuously around Amy's finger, her tongue twisting over her skin desperate to get every bit of the ice cream she could off the digit. Slowly Amy began to retract her finger until it slipped from between Catherine's moist lips, that smile crept along Catherine's face again as she attempted to look away, admitting defeat, "You bitch", she muttered as if under her breath, but knowing full well it was loud enough for Amy to hear.

Amy giggled with glee, "Great!", she put the ice cream down then grabbed Cat's ankles before spinning her round on her ass under she was in a laying position on the sofa.

"What're you doing?" Catherine asked in a slightly shocked tone due to the sudden movement.

"Simple: Getting YOU comfortable. If I'm doing this, I'm doing it right." With that she picked up the ice cream again, extended one leg over Catherine's well rounded thighs and came to rest on top of them, Catherine's belly just touching her own slight potbelly. Amy leaned in as close to Catherine's face as she could get, "So, I'm going to feed you this ice cream, and you're going to eat it. You're going to eat, and fill, and grow, then probably moan and groan a little, then I'll feed you some more. THEN I'm going to give you a nice, LONG belly rub to try and get the digestion going and make your sore, packed belly feel better. Then", Amy leaned in closer to Cat's ear, as if whispering a naughty secret "if you've been a good little piggy, I'll give you something else. Does that sound nice?" she asked, placing a hand on Catherine's gradually warming crotch.

Catherine's mouth was dry, breathing was a little more challenging with her belly AND Amy on top of her at the moment, she nervously nodded her head.

"Do you want to be my little piggy?" Amy asked sensually in her ear.

Again, Catherine jerkilly nodded.

"Aaaw, do you want me to feed you, make you bigger... rounder... fatter, until you're bursting out of your clothes again?"

Nodding again, this time she tried a verbal response too, "Ye..", she cleared her throat, "Yes, yes I do."

"I see, you want me to stuff you, feed you, FATTEN YOU UP to the point that your colleagues and friends start thinking a farmer's been FATTENING you up for market. What will they all think? And when they see you eat, you just won't be able to control yourself, I won't have to be there, you'll just eat and eat until your buttons and seams start to pop in front of everyone. Your sweet Doctor Maxwell's going to go ape-shit in a month or so, when he sees what I've done to you and your once trim little body... Ooooooooooooooooo, you'll seriously get it. He'll get you on his big ol' scales, they'll creak under your weight, and the numbers will go up and up." Suddenly Amy sat up and rushed a heaping spoonful of ice cream into Catherine's mouth. Obediently she swirled it around in her mouth, then swallowed with a loud gulp before automatically opening her mouth for the next, gazing at Amy with lustful eyes.

'Oh god, I am in SO much trouble' she thought as the next dripping, heaping spoonful approached her waiting mouth.
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CrowsEye 10 years
THAT is how you write some good fat-smut. You have a talent, my friend.
Escape60 11 years
Really happy you're enjoying it so much, there's plenty more to come, don't worry smiley
Escape60 11 years
Thanks, I really appreciate the compliment, I'm happy you're enjoying it. I see you've also added me to your Watch List on DA too.
Escape60 11 years
Tanks a lot, I really appreciate the comments and compliments, I'm never sure how well my stories are going down, so it's nice to get a little feedback. The next chapter will be up soon, but if you can't wait then you can go to DeviantArt, chapters 1 to 11 are up as well the the fist 2 chapters of a new story I'm working on called Village Life.