Catherine's self-discovery chapter 6

Chapter 4 - catherines selfdiscovery chapter 7 part 2

Catherine peered up at Amy, slowly her view of the hot-pink bombshell was becoming obscured by her growing gut from here reclined position. It was rising like dough, the heavy ice cream in her belly mixing with the soda Amy had fetched a short time ago. Upon returning with the unopened bottle, she had urged Catherine to drink, so she did. Little did Catherine know though that as soon as the bottle taken from her hands and placed down, Amy would proceed to shake and jostle Cat's loaded belly, causing the contents of her belly to mix rapidly, causing the gasses in there to suddenly expand. Her fitted white T slid gently up, her skin grew tighter as she felt herself inflate, while only slightly it wasn't "slightly" enough, Catherine gasped at the sensation, clutching her belly. "Oh god, pleeeeease don't do that again."

"Haha, it was worth it!"

"Maybe to you, but you're not the one blowing up like the Goodyear Blimp here, are you?"

"I suppose", Amy responded with another onslaught of ice cream. Feeling Catherine's belly, she looked at her, "My, my, you're certainly filling up, aren't you? Up AND out" she added, rubbing the sides of Catherine's ice cream laden tummy. Sliding the tight white T shirt the rest of the way up her belly, folding at as best she could as it went, she tucked it neatly under Catherine's weighty breasts. Then she folded the elasticated waistband of the trouser belly panel over on itself. Pressing both palms to the fold against Cat's taut skin, she rolled it down and down, forming a sausage of the stretchy material as it rolled over on itself until it was at the very base of the belly. As soon as it was free of its confines, it edged forward and outward a little. "Aaaaaaaaaah... That's better, NOW I can see you. You know if you think about it, this big ol' belly of yours is like a musical instrument, the variety of noises if can bring out is about as wide as you are now. Look, if I do this-" Eyeing Catherine's protruding belly button, she poked it gently, pushing it deeper into the surrounding flesh.

"BUUURRRP!" Catherine let loose, going very red as a result.

"Bahahahaha! That was great," Amy said with a loving stroke, "and if I do this", both hands on the sides she pushed in with her palms, gyrating them gently.

"Aaaaaahhhoooooooooo... Watch it! You have no idea how tight this thing is."

"And if I do this?" Grabbing a soft, velour throw from the back of the sofa, she ran its velvety material over Catherine's expanse.

"Oooooooooohhmmmmmmm... Aaaaaaw yeah, that feels good."

"But now..." With a devilish a devilish grin she dropped a scoop of ice cream onto the summit of Catherine's exposed skin, the cold of it making her gasp in shock, she would have surely jumped as well were she not thoroughly pinned to the sofa by her sizable mass. Amy swooped in, running her tongue up the expanse of it, attempting to lap up as much of the creamy substance as she could. "Tastes even better like that".

With a mock angry look on her face, Cat said, "that was so ***ing cold, I can't believe you did that. I'm going to be all sticky now. Thanks."

"Pfft, oh please-" Amy began to retort, dragging her right index finger from just below Catherine's breasts, up and over the looming dome of her belly and down, down, down, sliding her hand deep into Catherine's tight underwear and sliding her middle and third finger into her wet and heating pussy, "- like you have a problem with "being sticky"", twitching her fingers, sliding them around the inner surface of Catherine.

Catherine's eyes and head rolled back in unison, "Oh gooooooooooooooh......" was all she uttered as her voice trailed off, her chest rising as she her spine bent, trying to push her corpulent form from the sofa, but failed.

Amy slid her hand out, licking her fingers clean with smacking lips, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, always loved how you tasted, but I swear you're starting to taste chocolatey", after finishing licking her lips, she slid another large spoonful between Catherine's lips, her mouth still open, head and eyes rolled back from the brief and sudden stimulation Amy had brought her.

Catherine closed her mouth around the spoon, even in the haze of erotic stimulation, her body still reacted to the presence of the fattening substance, like a kneejerk reaction. After swallowing deeply she let out a small sigh, accompanied by a slight gargle from the remaining chocolatey liquid in her mouth. Looking at Amy, "That's it?" she asked with a frown and puppy-dog eyes.

"For now, we've still got work to do." With spoon in hand she patted Catherine's tummy, producing a low, hollow beat as she drummed the surface of the taut skin with the underside of the spoon. "You hear that?" DUM DUM DUM, she went again with the metal spoon. "Oh dear, to me that sounds far too hollow, far too empty, I think there's still space left in there, I wanna hear a nice, dull thump, THEN you'll be ready." Amy ended her little percussion session with a rapid flick to Cat's belly with her finger producing another drum beat while the belly jiggled and gurgled.

All Catherine could imagine at that moment was herself as a watermelon, having a prospective customer flick and tap her here and there, testing her ripeness before purchase. "She's right", Catherine thought, 'I can't believe it, but she's right, there IS still space in there. After all I've eaten today there's STILL space in my belly to be filled, god, I've still got over another 2 months to go until I pop... Ok, wrong choice of words there, but I can't ignore the irony. God, I'm going to be over 200 pounds in a few weeks if Amy keeps at this pace.' "Buurrrp! Ooph, 'scuse me. Could I have the soda please?"

"Sure thing." Passing the bottle to Catherine, Amy proceeded to slide both hands down the surface of Cat's belly, past her trousers' waistband and towards her underwear again. Catherine stopped gulping, pausing, waiting for what was to come. Amy noticed, "as I said, I'm not doing THAT just yet, no, I'm checking something else...". Her hands approached the waistband of Cat's very tight panties, sliding her fingertips under she pulled lightly, it barely moved, their elastic had been stretched to the limit by Catherine's growing girth, but they were holding on for dear life. "Wow, those really are tight, aren't they? I can't believe they're still in one piece."

"Urgh, you're telling me, they feel like they're about to slice me in half they're so damn tight, like a cheese wire against my skin."

"I recon we can snap them", Amy reacted with an almost manic look in her eyes.

"What? You can't be serious."

"Sure I am, trust me, they're about to go, you can feel it as much as me. Come oooooooooooooon, you know you want to", Amy whined while drawing circles on the surface of Cat's tummy with the tip of her index finger.

"Fine", Cat relinquished. She took a deep breath, scrunched up her face and attempted to push her belly out, going red, hoping it would be just enough to snap the elastic. Her belly grew slightly, but it just wasn't enough, she relaxed, released her breath, panting, red faced she said, "crap".

"Haha, no cheating in this game, looks like we've got to do this the old fashioned way", Amy reacted with a look of glee on her face, then she drove a heaping spoonful into Catherine's mouth.
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CrowsEye 10 years
THAT is how you write some good fat-smut. You have a talent, my friend.
Escape60 11 years
Really happy you're enjoying it so much, there's plenty more to come, don't worry smiley
Escape60 11 years
Thanks, I really appreciate the compliment, I'm happy you're enjoying it. I see you've also added me to your Watch List on DA too.
Escape60 11 years
Tanks a lot, I really appreciate the comments and compliments, I'm never sure how well my stories are going down, so it's nice to get a little feedback. The next chapter will be up soon, but if you can't wait then you can go to DeviantArt, chapters 1 to 11 are up as well the the fist 2 chapters of a new story I'm working on called Village Life.