Just once more (finale)

Chapter 2 - if you cant pay the fiddler

Lust exited Sara's bedroom still buttoning up his shirt. He found Vanity sitting there, her face buried in her hands. She had been crying.
"Aww, poor baby. You upset that it's finally time to settle up?"
Vanity looked at Lust. The look on her face reminded him of a trapped animal's. She was desperate. He could tell she would do anything, give anything just so long as she didn't pay what was owed. "Let's bet on another. Double or nothing. What do you say?"
Lester's grin widened. "I say you shouldn't dance if you can't pay the fiddler."
"Please, Lust I'm begging you. You can't expect me to..."
"Shhh. Vanity, my dear this is unbecoming of you. You should really learn to accept defeat with dignity. With what you're going to pay, you'll need to retain as much of that as you can."
Fresh tears sprang to her eyes. "You're not going to let get out of this are you?"
"Nope. Now let's not make that fiddler wait any more. He's been waiting for payday long enough."
"Damn you." Vanity sniffled and stared at the floor. She couldn't bring herself to look at Lust. "Just get this over with."
"With pleasure."
Vanity stood there, waiting for the inevitable. She could feel it starting. Her lithe, perfect form began to swell. She felt in her perfect, C cup breasts first. The fabric of her blouse becoming tighter around them, straining her buttons to their max. Her belly soon followed suit. What once was sculpted abs, quickly softened and then started to push out, forming the beginnings of a small muffin top that only kept expanding. Her lovely, round, firm ass protruded ever outward and became spongy with cellulite. Her mini skirt soon slid up her growing ass enough to reveal the twin orbs in all their dimply glory. Her thighs followed right along, joining at her crotch and slowly making their way down to her knees. Her perfect, angelic face became puffy. She developed jiggly jowls and a second chin, then a third. Her blouse was soon in tatters and the waistband of her skirt had already snapped. Her belly was now an apron that covered her crotch and her ass was triple its original size. By the time her growth had stopped, Vanity looked every inch of her newly gained 500 pounds.
She sniffled. "You didn't make me immobile."
"Of course not. I want you to be able to walk around and let everyone get a good view of the fatty." Lust whistled. "And what a fatty."
Tears were springing anew to Vanity's face.
"Aww, look at the bright side, pumpkin. You like attention right? Well now you'll get all you could ever want. A girl as big as you is bound to draw some eyes."
"You bastard!" Vanity screamed and stormed out of the house, every new inch of her jiggled as she waddled out.
Lust grinned and basked in his victory. He knew she'd be back. She'd have to come back if she wanted to stand any chance of going back to normal. After all, there were more games to play and more lives to change.
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