Quick story of my life recently

Chapter 2 - even more of a fatty

So, I've been in a bit of denial about my potbelly over the last year or so. I've been pretending I've maintained my (already too heavy) weight-- wearing clothes that hide my belly, etc. or so I thought.

Recently I've received a sudden barrage of comments about my increasing weight @ work, from female co-workers. One walked up to my desk just as I was stretching & said, "pants gettin a little tight?" with a smirk. My shirt had rode up with my stretch, and my belly was peeking out of the bottom, revealing just how tight my slacks had become. Well, not really-- I suppose my gut was completely covering up my waistband... U said "yeah, I guess I shrunk them in the wash." She didn't say a word- just left her paperwork on my desk as she lifted her eyebrow and sauntered away.
Another time, I was coming back from the vending machines, and a good friend of hers said, "Another Snickers? Maybe you should think about cutting back on those things," as she glanced pointedly @ my stomach. I hurriedly sucked it in and made a non-committal grunt as I scurried back to my desk.
Another time, a third girl, who frequently hangs out with the first two, actually told me, "You know, you should really go on a diet. Your getting really chubby," as she lightly patted my tummy with a smile. I tried to make some response, but a very, very ill-timed belch came out just as I opened my mouth. (It was right after lunch. A big one. As usual.) She giggled & said, "See? You're eating way too much!" I'm sure she and the other two girls had quite a laugh over that...
As I furtively devoured my candy bar @ my desk, I looked down and took stock. I had to admit, my potbelly seemed to be sticking out even more than usual-- probably because my pants were cinched so tight underneath it. The same problem I had in the first chapter of this story. I just can't stop eating....
Unfortunately, we had a meeting later that day, and while we were sitting around the long table, I noticed the three of them, sitting together, glancing over at me and whispering together-- even bursting into a fit of quiet giggles at one point.

I guess it didn't help that they brought doughnuts for the meeting, & I ate one. Or two... Just couldn't help myself!
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FrecherTyp 10 years
oh that was hot ;-) would love to gain enough and then have this effect hehe and situation happening like with you
BellyQuest 10 years
Thx. Yeah, and it's mostly because of her that I got fat, too..