The deal

Chapter 2 - the problem daughter

From a very early age, Michelle has been very outspoken about how 'fat and lazy' her parents are. She is constantly mocking their weight and lifestyle. Although still living at home while attending university, Michelle can hardly wait until she can move out away from the ridicule she feels she gets at home. She runs every morning before class and is a regular fixture in the school's fitness centre. She never eats her mother's home cooked meals, preferring to fix herself a bowl of lettuce and some veggies, almost never eating meat or anything that could be perceived as fattening. To avoid her parents, Michelle spends most of her time with her boyfriend, Chris, who is the star of the basketball team. They both love her body, but the one thing she isn't happy about is the size of her breasts. Although she isn't ready to "pork up", as she puts it, in order to fill out the training bras she still wears, she is content in waiting until Chris makes the NBA so she can afford to get implants.

Michelle's view of their parents' lifestyle and weight has started to wear off on Lisa as she has become more aware of what she eats and has started working out more herself to avoid putting on weight for fear of losing her scholarships, although Lisa wouldn't be caught dead saying some of the things Michelle says about her parents to their faces. Shawna has noticed this change in Lisa and is concerned that she will follow in her sister's footsteps, and start what Shawna feels is an unhealthy lifestyle of starving herself.

One Friday evening, Bill and Shawna are enjoying a movie night complete with their favorite types of pizzas, bottles of beer and coke, bags of chips, and salty popcorn dripping with butter, when Michelle comes home from a night out with Chris and his friends. Upon seeing the empty delivery boxes, bottles, and bags in the living room, Michelle completely loses it, and starts a fat-bashing rant aimed at her parents. It gets so bad, that Shawna is drawn to tears at the thought of how mean her own daughter has become and once able to work her way off the couch, waddles off to their room, leaving Bill to try to talk Michelle down from her attack on them. While sobbing herself to sleep, Shawna comes up with a plan to try to change her daughter's views on weight...
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