The deal

Chapter 3 - the plan

The week after Michelle's rant to her parents, Bill had to go away on a business trip. Without her dad there to keep her in check, Michelle spends more time hanging out at home continually berating her mother over how she is so disgustingly fat and out of shape, making fun of her when she gets out of breath by doing the simplest of things, like going up the stairs or taking the garbage out.

As the week goes on, Shawna continues to think out the plan she had devised that night in bed. Although she has some reservations, Michelle's antics are only getting worse and the verbal attacks more personal bringing Chris around to help her in making her mom feel bad. Knowing how much their added weight over the years has brought her and Bill closer together, and in a bid to get Michelle to back down from her hurtful actions, Shawna completes the plans to fatten her daughter up for a bit.

On Saturday morning, with Bill still away and Lisa staying over at a friend's house, Shawna puts her plan in motion. Getting up early and wearing a tight shirt that doesn't cover her immense belly and yoga pants that don't leave any of her ample curves to the imagination, Shawna heads down to the kitchen and starts cooking up a large feast of pancakes, hash browns, eggs, bacon, ham and sausage. Although it smells and looks so delicious, Shawna controls her growling stomach and avoids digging in to the large meal. Just as she is finishing up setting the food out on the table, Michelle walks in to the kitchen to get a bowl of granola for herself.

"Good morning Piggy! Cooking up enough slop to overfill your trough, I see. No wonder you are so obese, with all the food you consume in a day. I don't know why dad puts up with this, you fat, lazy slob. It is just you here, look at how much food you have prepared. Disgusting!"

"Michelle, why are you so mean to me?"

"Look at you! A bowl of Jello has less shake than you do!"

Shawna sits down and starts sobbing, "I...I...I just can'"

To this Michelle pretends to have some remorse for her hurtful words, although she is laughing on the inside. "Mom, I shouldn't have been so mean. I just wish you and dad would show Lisa and I how to live a healthier life. At least she has self control and me to look up to or she would probably have given up volleyball and become a fatty herself long ago."

Hanging her head, Shawna responds, "I know, and for that I thank you."

"I shouldn't be laying my problems on you like this, dear. I fear your father and I are drifting apart," she lies. "I think I may have grown too big to satisfy him and even though he shows his affection when you and your sister are around, I can see that he is turning away from me when you are not around. I can't imagine losing all of you."

"Your constant berating has only led to the deep, deep depression that I have found myself slipping into. The only thing that I have to bring me comfort now is food," she continues. "I just wish I had someone that could help me overcome this problem that I have."

Michelle is surprised by her mother's admittance to having a problem. Feeling that she leads a perfectly healthy lifestyle, she offers to help her mom to change hers. "Mom, I can help you make healthier food choices and give you a workout plan to try to get dad back. I don't want to see my family break up."

"Thank you sweetie, but I just don't know if it will work out. It is probably too late anyways. I have always found motivation by doing something with someone else. I mean, getting back into shape and losing weight with you telling me what to do, I...I just can't see me finding that motivation from you when you have never been where I am, having never had an issue with your weight."

"Look mom, I don't know why you have brought all this up. I offer to help you, but I guess that isn't good enough for you. What else can I do?"

"I want to change, but I think I would be more successful if I had someone to lose weight with. Maybe if, I can't do this."

"What? Can't do what?"

"No, I shouldn't. I mean I can't expect that from you."

"Expect what mom? I don't know what you are getting at."

Shawna sits there for a few seconds thinking. "I was just thinking that, you were to gain a few pounds, then we could both have a common goal to lose the excess weight that we both would have."

"What? Are you crazy? You think I should get fat, just to give you the motivation that you need to get your life in order! You need more help than I thought you did, you fat cow!" And with that, Michelle grabs her car keys and storms out of the house.

Shawna starts eating the feast that is spread on the table in front of her, wondering if she has gone too far with this idea, and if she will ever have a positive relationship with her daughter.
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