From ny to ldn

Chapter 2 - trishs reaction

Her phone buzzed. It was another message from Trish: Can't wait to see u, babe! Hope ur on ur way!!! xxx. Katherine felt a little flutter in her stomach, it was almost like back when they had just started dating. She sat down on her bed and tried to cast away the negative thoughts. Trish was better than that, she wouldn't care, right? Nevertheless, Katherine made an effort to wear something that would hide her new shape as best it could. Silly really, she thought, as it would not be long before the clothes came off. In the end she decided on a knee-length brown pleated skirt, long burgundy socks and a cream-coloured chiffon blouse. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. Perfect autumn chic, she thought to herself. She had always prided herself on her dress sense, and knew she still looked good. She went downstairs and set off the ensemble with a pair of ankle boots, one of the few old things that actually still fitted her. With that, she slung her bag over her shoulder, grabbed her car keys, trilled a quick Bye, Mum! and flounced out the door. She could have taken the tube, but going all the way from west to east took so long, and she was in a rush. Besides, she missed driving after six months.

Katherine finally reached Trish's apartment block, and climbed up the fire escape to the back door. To her surprise, even this small exertion left her almost out of breath. She had used lifts all the time in her apartment and work in New York.
The butterflies returned to her stomach as she banged their secret little knock on the door. Trish appeared through the frosted glass and flung open the door. I've been expecting you, she said with a sultry smile, gazing into Katherine's eyes. She looked so sexy with her nerdy glasses and short, tousled hair, wearing a shirt that was probably men's, that hung off her slender torso in just the right way, and a scruffy old pair of grey jeans, that Katherine could hardly control herself. She threw her arms around her, reunited, finally. Katherine breathed in deeply and Trish's musk-like, sensual aroma came flooding back into her consciousness, providing such a thrill that she could almost feel the synapses opening in her brain, allowing pleasure to burst forth and fill her with elation and love. She kissed Trish's shoulder, her neck, her jaw, growing more aroused each moment, before Trish pulled her inside, into the warm safety of her apartment. They fell onto the couch, wild as six long months of pent-up lust was finally able to release itself. Let's move somewhere more comfortable, Trish said as she drew herself away from Katherine's lips.

There was a low light in Trish's room, a stark and welcome contrast to the harsh striplight in the main room. She laid her lover, whom she had missed so dearly, down on the bed and continued kissing her, as she sighed in anticipation. Trish pulled her shirt off over her head, revealing her slim, toned body that Katherine had waited so long to see again. She pulled Trish closer to her, and unhooked her bra, letting her small breasts fall free. Trish pulled off Katherine's clothes, kissed and tickled her squishy tummy and ran her tongue in and around her navel, making her giggle with glee. They kissed again, as Trish explored her lover's body, running her hand across and between the girl's smooth, round thighs that felt far bigger than before. She was entranced; she worshipped Katherine's body, gently squeezing the pockets of fat on her legs and hips, while kissing and nibbling her breasts, licking her nipples until they hardened at her touch. Katherine squirmed with pleasure, excited to be once again on her lover's bed, only this time her body was much larger, and velvety soft. Overcome with heat, she thrust her hips as Trish continued to caress her girl's most sensitive part.
F*ck me, Katherine breathed, parting her legs and throwing back her head. These two simple words had always been hugely arousing for Trish, this time more than ever, as she had kept herself chaste for six long months, and now the time had finally arrived for her to enjoy her lover anew. She teased Katherine, drew her fingers over her clit, and inserted them slowly, one by one, into her ***. She stroked her impossibly soft, welcoming thighs as Katherine's purred in delight. How good it was to touch her again and feel how wet she was, anticipating being f*cked, how all those nights Katherine had spent idly pleasuring herself in her lonely bed more than 3000 miles away were about to be rectified.
Trish moved over to her bedside draw and took out her strap-on. She put it on and leaned over her lover, pressing against her c*nt as she pushed her chubby legs back, Katherine's ankles resting on her shoulders. The girl's legs trembled, and she panted, unable to control her desire. F*ck me, baby, it's been way too long, she moaned, as the aching in her c*nt intensified. Trish leaned in, and slowly pushed the dildo into Katherine, it slipped in, instantly covered with her silky cum. Lost in rapture, Trish pushed herself ever closer to her lover, becoming enveloped in her soft, pillow-like body. Katherine moaned in satisfaction as her attentive lover continued to pleasure her, f*cking her harder and harder, as her chubby belly and thighs began to shake. Trish gazed down at her beautiful, voluptuous, submissive lover, the unrestrained joy on her face as she came close to orgasm. Katherine pressed her calves around Trish's back, squeezing her with her large, strong legs, and she calmed the pace, f*cking her slowly so as to draw out the last moments of ecstasy for as long she could, as she too felt herself nearing climax. Moments later, Katherine let out a shriek as she came uncontrollably, and Trish f*cked her vigorously once more in the final throes, the bed rocking back and forth in time with the waves of pleasure that had taken over Katherine's body.


The next day, Trish awoke in a haze, the bright morning sun peeped through the dark curtains, giving the false impression of warmth outside. Trish shuddered, the heating wasn't on. She turned to her lover, still sound asleep, and gazed at her, her chest and large, full breasts gently rising and falling as she slumbered. She looked so peaceful, but Trish could not leave Katherine to sleep for much longer. She pushed back the covers, carefully so as not to wake her, mesmerised once again by the beauty that lay before her. Driven by desire, Trish went down and began to kiss the girl's c*nt. Even after six months, she had not forgotten her girlfriend's favourite morning treat.
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