The fattening

chapter 3

The next 5 days were pretty much the same stuffings and bloats and out growing pants and shirts. Sean slept over at jacks the whole week. Sean wake up it's time to see how much you gained, jack said. Sean got up and went to the bathroom. He took of his shirt and his pants, which were both very tight. Ok Sean get on the scale... You are now 122 pounds. You gained 14 pounds this week. Now it's time to examine your body Sean. He now had a pretty soft layer of fat on his belly and his moobs poped out a little bit but, not that much. His once lose underwear was not getting tight around his but and his waistband. When he put his Nike shirt back on, you could tell he was starting to out grow all of his Close.
The next day Sean's parents ask if Sean could stay over at jacks for a month because they had to go on a long work trip to the keys. And of course Sean and jack were so excited. The next day the Sean's parents left and Sean came over to jacks house for the mouth. Jack had the biggest breakfast for Sean. There was pancakes, eggs, bacon, muffins, donuts, and much more. Jack gave Sean the pill and he started to dig in. Every bit you could see his belly getting bigger. After eating over 3,000 calories, his shirt was so tight, his button was about to pop, and he was so happy to see his belly growing.
After a week at jacks house, Sean was already looking bigger. It was time for his next weight in. After eating some of the most fattening foods it's time to see how much you weigh. Ok Sean strip down into your underwear, witch was now so tight the seems we're starting to rip. Now step on the scale... 135 pounds it read, " wow sen that's a 13 pound gain in a week. He now has a small bulge of fat and his chest was now alittle bit bigger. When jack felt Sean's belly, he could feel it jiggle alittle when he touched it, but not enough to play with it. Ok Sean you are making great progress, and you now have a small belly popping out from under your shirt, said jack. So it's been 4 days since the weight in and I already feel fatter. My cloths are starting to get extremely tight and I only have one pair of pants that fit me now. I'm pretty sure at one point I'm going to have to walk around with just my underwear on, which wouldn't be that bad when I think about it. If I want to do that I need to stuff more.
So Sean went to jack and said " can we start eating now I'm really hungry and want to stuff myself until my pants don't fit me."
Ok, said jack.
Jack start to cook food and order pizza and get some of the most fattening foods from places that deliver. He also got tons of junk food.
Ok here you go Sean.

Thank you jack. Sean started to eat and stuffed his face with all the junk food he could put into his mouth at a time, his metabolism is definitely slowing down because he is stuffing himself much faster and doesn't get full for a while, once he doses get full he takes the pill that makes him feel really hungry. He ate everything in 30 minutes and instead he wanted more. So jack got more and more food. Sean was still eating and wasn't showing any signs of stopping. Sean's belly now was so tight that he couldn't move, but he keep eating, and eating. When he was done, he had to have eaten over 5,000 calories. His button on his pants were about to burst until, POP!!! His only fitting pants finally gave way to his growing belly...
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