Hollywood hunk

chapter two

Days turned into weeks and months. Alexander Pritchard, his director, frowned at the sight of Aaron. It wasn't the red carpet he wanted. While Aaron wasn't nearly as big as he used to be, those abs were a thing of past, softened into growing rolls.

"You just couldn't keep it up, huh? Jesus man, it wasn't much longer! I need the women drooling over you, these pictures are ending up on TMZ", Alexander bitched, but there wasn't anything he could do about it. Aaron agreed not to gain anymore until after the premiere. It was tough to stick to. And I just knew his friends were trying to talk him into losing weight again.

He picked at veggie wraps and I didn't say a word. We had the premier at Mann's, and flew to London and Berlin for European premieres, biding my time. And then the media frenzy was over.

He begged off going to the gym in the rain, he ordered pizza and those Dominoes chicken pieces when he was hungry and didn't want to go out. Aaron was naturally lazy, it was only sheer determination that helped him lose so much. Without a reason to stay thin, he let himself slide.

And I begged to restart our erotic feedings. When he said I would like to tie him up and feed him lard all day, he wasn't exaggerating all thatttt much.

It started as a kid, I felt like I had no control over my life, and it felt....awful. So now, well...I liked maintaining control in any way I could. It was just as well the world didn't know everything that went on behind closed doors.

He gained on his own, and I helped in any way I could, from hiding olive oil in pasta to hiding his running shoes in the back of the closet. Okay, so I've been bad. I just miss him.

And slowly his waistbands grew too tight, rolls poured over the side, his face started rounding out again, and bottom plumped up easily.

I tied his wrists with silk Hermes scarves and fed him his favorite foods, kissing his lips, his growing belly, and then feeding him an entire large pizza.

"Ow",he moaned, "I'm not used to that anymore. Hurts. Feels...good."

"Good, baby?" I asked, kissing him. Unable to use his hands, he bounced his plumping belly my way.

"Rub please", he said, "yeah, feels like...old times."

I rubbed softly and slowly. "Think we can get some brownies in there?" I asked.

"So you want the whole 50 pounds back", he laughed.

I wanted 70, no way I was going through this again, but he didn't need to know what he didn't need to know.

"Just a bit, babe...."

He was getting jigglier by the day. I doubt he knew it, but I suspected he'd already gained back around 25.

"C'mon, eat for me, baby, you were never ashamed of being a fat boy..."

He moaned. "This town..."

"I know...but I'm your wife, and I adore you exactly as you are."

"Well not exactly", he said.

"Yes, exactly! If you want to stay trim, go for it. But I prefer...."

"Pizza", he said, opening his mouth obediently. "I know what you prefer, and I prefer it too."

"Good boy", was all I could say. I was on fire. I grabbed his hips. "Gotta fatten up those hips baby."

He sighed in resignation. "I guess I'll have fat boy face back by the time the movie goes to video?"

"Yep", I said. "Round as a wheel of cheese." I giggled.

"You're an evil bitch", he said, but he was smiling.

"You were meant to be a big guy, and you know it", I said, untying him.

He immediately pulled me into his arms. Then he patted his growing belly and I thought something between my legs exploded. "You sure about this?"

"Very." I kissed the tip of his nose.
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