Hollywood hunk

chapter three

Aaron's body was a dream come true; he'd played football in college, tall, muscled, but a bit chubby even then. Now as he gained yet again, he seemed to get rounder and softer and bigger all over.

He sat there on the bed one morning in his boxer shorts, ready to put on socks and I had this perfect view of his thighs, his huge, thick thighs, the kind he used to run over quarter backs with, the kind I could squeeze all night.

"Do you have to go?" I asked, climbing onto the bed and wrapping my legs around his waist. I knew what was coming -- a new role that send him back to the gym, and then back to Tunisia to film.

"It's lunch with my manager, you know I have to go", he said.

"About the part in Hitman Squad 2?" I asked.


"Y ou know the first thing he's going to say."

"I'm too fat for the role", he said, pulling on one sock, then the other.

"You're just right to be my husband", I said, pouting.

He leaned over, and climbed on top of me, his weight so glorious, adrenaline shot through my veins and my body came alive from wanting him.

"Your chubby hubby", he said.

I smiled. "Oh you like that, huh?" he added.

"I love that", I said, wrapping my legs around his waist and pulling him into a kiss.

Aaron POV

Yep, the meeting was what I thought it was. Gerald telling me my female fans would rather have sexual fantasies about the cartoon raccoon in the movie than me anymore. I didn't care.

It felt oddly good, great, to forget about that. My comedy role was still mine for the taking.

Emilie was in bed, asleep, in the middle of the day and she looked like an angel, and smelled like that vanilla scent she wore, like melted cookies.

I climbed into bed.

"Baby?" she said, wrapping her arms around me.


"You get the role?"


She opened her eyes wide. "God, I'm sorry. I feel responsible for this. We can get you on a diet again..."

"I like my show, thank you, I need to spend more time on my jokes. Enough with the svelte heroes for a while."

"But do you really feel that way?" she asked, platinum blonde hair falling over one eye.

"No more on-location shoots, no more leaving, no more starving...." I said.

She liked to be charge, but I enjoyed surprising her now and then. I tossed her on her back and she shrieked with excitement, and brought myself down on top of her, controlling every move she made.

She wriggled with joy and wrapped her legs around me.

"No leaving?" she asked.

"Daddy's home", I whispered into her ear, and plunged inside of her.

"Yes!" she screamed out, squeezing the back of my thighs, then my ass, which she slapped.

"Jiggle jiggle", she laughed, "Deeper, butterball", she hissed, "get deep inside me."

"You really like my belly this big?"

"Aaron, your belly is the reason I get up in the morning", she said, screaming out. "I want to feel your tummy jiggle against me."

"Thank God for you." I didn't know if I said it or just thought it.
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