the natural

ch 1 a very bad day

Another typical Desmond story inspired by another charming lass from Fantasy Feeder who prefers to be anonymous. Thanks to the lovely FF ladies who have permitted me to use their photos as cover art to depict our growing feedee. And, yes, this is only fantasy, but I hope one of you entrepreneurs will open an actual restaurant like this someday!
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It was a chilly November night in Memphis but the "Succulent Sow" had never been hotter!

It was the "closing night," so to speak, for Yolanda, Tori's best friend and her successor as the primary "Feedee in Residence" at the city's best BBQ place. [readers note: see "The Fattening House" story in the FF archives] Yolanda had been my personal feedee and I had been her benefactor for two years now, and she had fattened up very nicely over that time! She was now tipping the scales at a whopping 650 lbs. -- close to 5'11" and with a huge hanging belly and one of the biggest rump roasts I had ever seen in my life, with plenty of thigh meat to go along with it. She was magnificent in every way, and was all ready to become the main course at my Thanksgiving Feast just days from now. Of course, she knew nothing about what I had planned for her. She thought we were going to go on an extended vacation to Corsica, so she had quit her job here at "The Sow" and this was her opportunity to say goodbye to her hundreds of fans and "pay-to-feed" patrons who had filled her bank accounts as they fed her belly for the last three years.

I was sitting at my usual table along with Ryan, my friend and owner of the restaurant. It was quite a sight to see all these people line up to feed Yo a cup of ice cream and cake, and hug her and pinch her arms and pat her belly a fond farewell. Ryan was watching all this with mixed emotions.

"Look at that crowd to say goodby to Yo," I said. "You're going to make some serious money tonight, my friend."

"I know," he said with a smile. "But how am I ever going to replace her?"

"You have a couple of other girls lined up, don't you?"

"Yes, but they can't do more than a couple of nights a week because of their class schedules. And they won't even be able to start until after Christmas. I'm going to loose out on some serious cash here, Des. Can't you just wait until January to spirit her out of the country?"

"Too late, Ryan," I chuckled. "You lose, old boy."

Ryan sighed. "Well would you please be on the lookout for someone who might be able to fill that position, even for just a few weeks?" He asked. "I hate to cancel all those bookings for a feedee at this time of the year! Everyone's in the festive feeding and spending spirit. I'd like to get some of those dollars here."

"Sure." I laughed. "I'll keep my eyes open for someone cute and hungry."

"Thanks!" He chuckled.

Then he noticed one of his "Piggys" (his name for his female wait-staff) trying to get his attention. There seemed to be some trouble with a new guest.

I had noticed her when she came in and slipped off her coat. She was cute, and rather plump. I guessed she was about 5'7" and probably about 190. She was wearing a medium grey & white horizontally striped knit dress that hugged her curves nicely - especially her ripe round pot belly - but the fabric would easily stretch to give that belly room to expand. By the way she looked around the place when she entered, chuckling at the humorous piggy signs, I got the impression she hadn't been here before. But clearly she was dressed to be able to do some serious eating. I also noticed that she had ordered the very large, very fattening "Porkalicious Platter," so she clearly had not come here intending to diet. And by the look of that beautifully extended tummy after she finished her meal and walked past my table on the way to the ladies room, the stretchy fabric had managed to perform its magic - but barely. Oh, yes, this plumper certainly had gotten my attention.

But now this cutie was in distress. She seemed beside herself with frustration and embarrassment. Ryan headed over to her table and began talking to her. A few minutes later he motioned to me to come and join the conversation.

"I just don't know what could have happened to it," I heard the woman say as I approached. "I know I had it when I came in. I paid the Uber guy. But now it's gone!" She began to cry.

"It seems this lady has lost her wallet and credit cards," Ryan explained to me. "She has her purse but no way to pay for her meal or to get back to her hotel. I can write off her meal, but would you be willing to take her back to her hotel?"

She looked up at me plaintively through red tearfilled eyes.

"Yes, of course, I will." I looked at my watch. Yolanda's shift wouldn't end for another 90 minutes. "Let Yo know what's happening and that I'll be back soon."

"Right," Ryan said.

After Ryan got her contact information, the young woman and I headed to my car.

"My name's Desmond, by the way. And you're. . . ?"

"Oh, I just go by Pep."

"OK, Pep." I said, opening her car door. "Where to?"

"The Crown Plaza, please."

I got in and we pulled out of the parking lot for the short trip to her hotel. Immediately she started to cry again.

"I'm sorry. I ... it's been the worst day of my life."

"This kind of things happens all the time. It's a hassle, but you'll be able to put a hold on your cards and get back to normal soon."

"It's not just this ... I lost my job today. The company I worked for, the one that sent me on this trip, declared bankruptcy today. They called me this afternoon to say that the bank had seized their assets. So the appointments I had tonight were cancelled, the company credit card is frozen. My cell phone isn't even working now. I have a place to sleep tonight, but that's it."

"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that." I said.

"I had heard about this place on a website I visit and I thought I'd come and try to take my mind off my troubles, and now this!"

She started crying again. I could feel her pain, but I also knew an opportunity when I saw one.

"Look, I have some time here before I have to be back. Would you like to stop and get a drink?"

"Yes, I would. If you're sure you have the time."

"No trouble at all."

I pulled into one of my favorite discrete watering holes and we settled in for a little chat over cocktails. It didn't take much prodding to get her to pour out her story. She had recently ended a 5 year relationship and had moved back into her parent's basement. She was just getting back into the workforce, but things were tough in Little Rock and after 5 months of searching the only job offer she got was as a product rep for a small pharmaceutical start-up. She'd been on the job only about 3 months and today everything fell apart. Now she was effectively stuck in Memphis with no job, no prospects, and no home of her own.

This might just have been my lucky day. Time to find out.

"So, what did you think of the 'Succulent Sow"? Did you like it?

"Yes," she grinned, her eyes lighting up for the first time this evening. "It was amazing! The food was outstanding and the whole motif was so cute. I loved it! It's so . . . different, you know? Unlike anything I've ever seen before."

"Yep. One of the best kept secrets in Memphis!" I smiled. "So how did you hear about it? I'm pretty sure it's not in Fodor's or any travel guides like that."

"I heard about it from a friend of mine on a kind of, um, dating website I visit sometimes. Why?"

"Just wondering. I've lived here for years and I had never even known the place existed until a couple of years ago. And I agree with you - the place IS amazing."

"It really is. I'd love to go back, but now I'd just be so embarrased ..."

I interrupted her.

"That website you mentioned. It wouldn't be 'Fantasy Feeder' would it?"

Pep's eyes got as large as silver dollars and her mouth fell open.

"You ... you know about that website?" she gasped, clearly shaken.

"I do," I smiled. "In fact, I've been a member there for years. And virtually every other person you saw in the club tonight is a member, too. You sensed that the moment you walked in, didn't you?"

She didn't answer immediately. She reached for her drink, her hand shaking nervously. She closed her eyes and took a big drink of the Scotch and Soda, then put down the glass and looked into my eyes for maybe 30 seconds before she asked the question I knew was going to come.

"So ... " she gulped. "Do ... do you like big girls, too?"

"Yes. Very much, Pep. In fact, the real big black woman everyone was saying goodbye to tonight? That's my fiancÚ and my feedee Yolanda."

"Oh, my! Oh... You're kidding, right? Oh, wow. I've ... "

She took another deep drink of her S&S, probably for fortification. She was starting to get woozy.

I looked at my watch. It was time to pick up Yolanda.

"I'll tell you what, Pep. I can see you're trying to get your head around all this now. It's already been a pretty traumatic day for you, and I need to go pick up Yolanda and take her home. Let me take you to your hotel now. You get a good night's sleep. Then I'll pick you up tomorrow morning around 11:30 and we'll spend some time together and I'll answer all your questions. I may also have some ideas to share with you that might help you resolve some of the other issues you're dealing with. How does that sound?"

"Uh, yeah. That sounds perfect. I ... my head is spinning now and I'm not sure if I'm in a nightmare or a time warp or what's happening. But a good night's sleep would be a good place to start."

After I dropped Pep at her hotel, I called Ryan on my way back to "The Sow."

"Hey, buddy, would you please escort Yolanda to the door for me in about 10 minutes? Oh, and I think I might have found your next feedee. She looks like a natural to me. I'll call you in the morning to explain."
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Desmond 2 years
Thanks, Karen!
Kayen 2 years
I love this story
Desmond 2 years
Thanks, SaraniSun! Glad you're enjoying the stories!

SraniSun 2 years
love it one of the best so far
Desmond 2 years
Thanks, AK. :-) Glad you liked it!
Wow the way she went wasnt excepting but it was nice
Just curious how many extra views you've received with the revisions!
Desmond 2 years
It was kinda creepy, but I loved it.
Ryan100000 2 years
Of course
Desmond 2 years
That had been in the works from the begining but I couldn't let on, of course.
Ryan100000 2 years
Excellent ending you took my suggestion to a whole new level I love it
Desmond 2 years
Well, aren't you sweet as Applepie. Ahh, but be careful what you wish for! If you were Pep or Cassie you'd ultimately wind up on MY plate, too! 😈
Wishing I was pep or Cassie right now. I fucking love this story
Ryan100000 2 years
Wow this is incredible
Desmond 2 years
Thanks, Wolfen. I do try. I get lots of help from the ladies who have woked with me on these stories. And I do some research. I do push reality some, ovbiously, but hope the scenarios are at least plausible.
wolfen 2 years
Pick a number and wait at the backof the line.... lol anyways I can wait and enjoy. Its been good to find a voreish story that's more realistic than fantasy
Desmond 2 years
I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. But right now these women are in a state of constant oral, sensual, and sexual stimulation. They're tingly all the time. No thought of the future, just the next dopamine rush. Anything can happen!
wolfen 2 years
Oh? Will he find his true love and Cannibal? Will he feed one to the other to make even fatter? Cant wait.
Desmond 2 years
Ben wanted control over Cassie more than anything else. He never wanted her to get really fat, just a little fat. And the closer she got to Pep and Des the more independent she became. That's what motivated him.
Emmaa 2 years
Why the sudden change in Ben's personality? He was into Cassie getting fat before and enjoyed feeding Pep. Seems odd for him to change so dramatically. Maybe something else is going on.
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