Fat maids

Chapter 2

Colette started the next day and true to her word Selina made her work more than anyone else. Depending on how much food there was to eat at each customer, Colette went through 3 to 5 places every day. She started early in the morning and by noon she went through two customers and enough food to feed a small family. Then she returned to the office where Selina prepared her for the next customer. Preparing seemed to consist of mostly rubbing Colette's stuffed belly, which seemed a bit odd, but she really couldn't complain as it helped and felt wonderful too.

It was usually late at night when Colette got back to her apartment. The most intense hours of the business were early evening after people got home from work and having already eaten a ton of food during the day, getting all the food in at the last customer of the day was a struggle. Her late evenings home were spent watching tv in a food coma. It wasn't bad though. She loved eating and was starting to actually like the almost constant overfilled feeling in her gut.

Days passed as did cookies, pies, cakes, pizzas, hamburgers, chocolate and ice cream past Colette's plump lips. Her stomach had adapted to her new massive food intake and she was having less and less trouble handling even five customers a day. Selina was very satisfied with her newest employee and couldn't keep her hands off her rapidly swelling belly when she came to the office. She couldn't believe how fast Colette was growing. She had now worked for her almost three weeks and was literally bursting out of all her clothes. Even when she wasn't stuffed, which was rare, most of her belly was bare, jutting out of her too small tops, shirts and low riding pants.

Selina had to give her advance from her first salary so she could buy new clothes. "Bigger, but snug", was the guidance she got. Colette could hardly believe that size 18 was now snug. And her huge pot belly was another matter entirely. She opted for really low cut pants and jeans and stretchy tops that let her belly unrestricted. C-cup bra let her breasts bulging out enough to keep up the porker appearance.

Six weeks into her new job, Colette was so used to her daily eating routine that she couldn't imagine doing anything else. In the morning at her first customer, she was ravenous and inhaled a junk food stash meant to last for a week in minutes. By midday she was pleasantly full, but nowhere near stuffed and a few hours of napping at the office did wonders to her appetite. She ate whole cheesecakes like they were cotton candy, large chocolate bars like they were bread, all the while rubbing her fat belly and groaning and burping and complaining how fat she was getting. And she was.

At the office Selina couldn't help noticing that Colette was busting out of her clothes again. The girl was fatter every time she stepped through the office door.

"Colette, I think its time to see if you've met the conditions in your contract. If you have, you'll be free to take just as few or many customers you wish."

Selina produced an industrial strenght scales from a closet and Colette hopped on causing respectable amount of jiggling between her knees and neck.

"Wow, you're doing quite a job. And its so close too. You're 248 pounds according to this scale and its pretty accurate." Selina disclaimed.

Colette looked shocked at gaining over 40 pounds in just six weeks, but also very disappointed for not reaching her goal yet. Then her face brightened: "If there only was something to eat here, I'm sure I can eat two pounds of food now. I'm nowhere near full." She pondered and felt her belly with her chubby hands.

Selina looked weird for a moment, but then regained her composure. She waddled to her private office and soon returned with a whole red velvet cake.

"I was saving this for myself, but I thought I might give it up for such a good cause." She smirked gave the platter to Colette.

Just looking at the cake made Colette hungry like she hadn't eaten all day and she attacked the cake with vigor. It tasted amazing and went in with ease. At some point Selina gave her some juice to wash it down and she accepted gratefully. Twenty minutes later the cake and the carton of juice were gone and Colette was rubbing her visibly larger belly.

"Oh god that was sooo good. I think I have a little more room though. Maybe I should top myself off to just to be safe?" Colette suggested coyly. She was getting full, but the little resistance she had had with eating was long gone and the prospect of more cake made her ignore any signs of fullness in her belly.

"As it happens I have almost half a cake leftover from yesterday." Selina laughed and waddled back to her office.

After only a few bites of her second cake, Colette realized she was actually pretty full already and it would be a struggle to get all of it in, but that was a passing thought. All she wanted to do was stuff the delicious and fattening cake in her mouth and swallow. And that she did, over and over until the cake was gone.

"Oh my goodness what a piggy you are! And look at that belly, its huge." Selina giggled.

Selina helped Colette on her feet and led her back to the scales. Now there was considerably less jiggling around her waist that was stretched tight by her huge, jutting belly.

"250.8 pounds. Goodness gracious girl, your fat gut is a bottomless pit. You just ate almost 3 pounds of food on top of two customer visits. Even I couldn't eat that much and I weight 200 pounds more than you." Selina congratulated.

Colette could only digest loudly.
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Severino 15 years
I'm currently writing a second installment in the same setting. The new story won't include sub/dom themes so maybe you'll like that more when and if I get it finished.
3days 15 years
One of the best stories in the field for decades.
Severino 15 years
Any preferences for the sequel?
Severino 15 years
I'll have to think about the sequel..My problem with stories is that I can't usually finish them and this time I did and I'm very glad about it. The concept is pretty nice though so I might write another story with a different main character in the same setting.