the bully (more to come)

belly rules

Brad Bettencourt hated my guts since we were in kindergarden. We were total opposites. He was the jock, the leader of the boys and I was this big fat kid with a gut who read books and who everyone else laughed at. He loved picking on me; "Fat ***," "Fag", "Pussy" and "Pig" were what he usually called me. I cried over the name calling at age 5 and that sealed my doom friend-wise. As the years rolled by I got very good at being invisible, just kind of fading into the woodwork when he and his friends walked by.

It wasn't easy learning to be invisible, especially with a gut my size, but I did it. He pretty much broke my spirit, made me scared of him, but he could never scare me into wanting to lose weight. I loved my belly. It was big. When I sat on the can I'd pick up the curve of my belly and jiggle it, the waves of fat rippling right down to my cock. Then I'd get hard, jerk off and give my belly another little rub. After that I'd go eat candy or chips, kind of reward the big guy for getting me off. I knew boys despised me and girls were disgusted by me but I didn't care. Fondling that hefty gut of mine was kind of a power I had; I knew it was hot and I loved getting turned on secretly.

Things might've gone on through our senior year in high school like they had since kindergarden; occasional insults from Brad but me mostly staying out of his way, but everything changed that day at the vending machine.

It was Friday after school had just ended. My parents said I was too fat so they'd tossed out all my candy and chips and soda the night before, even cleaned out the stuff I'd stashed in my room. I panicked, realizing my Mom was expecting me home and that I had to eat some goodies right now or it would be nothing all weekend except 'healthy meals'. I started jamming money into the candy machine slot as fast as I could, jabbing buttons almost at random, not even picking up my stuff until I'd run out of change and had more than a dozen candy bars waiting for me.

"Look at that fat pig, loading up." I hadn't even seen Brad come up behind me with his crowd.
I didn't respond, just started scooping the candy bars out of the machine. There were too many to carry so I tugged my t-shirt up and started piling them in, exposing my big gut which hung down over the waist of my jeans.

"Hey, Pig, I'm talking to you!"
I hunched my shoulders and tried to be invisible but it didn't work. I felt a hard shove on one shoulder and I spun, spilling all the candy bars onto the linoleum floor. I looked down at them and up at Brad. Then he grinned and stepped one of his expensive cowboy boots right down on a candy bar, squashing it flat.

"Stop it, you ***! Those are mine!" I couldn't believe I'd actually said that, but my gut was hungry and it gave me some courage but Brad just laughed and stepped on another candy bar. He twisted his foot, grinding it down. Everyone laughed and that was it. I saw red. I swung a punch that bounced him right off the wall and onto his skinny jock ass.

Everyone went silent, stunned with what had just happened. Josh Moser beating up Brad Bettencourt, it was impossible - against the laws of nature or something.

Then Brad's face went bright red and he jumped up on his feet and came at me. He slugged me in the face, but luckily I had been moving so it slid off my cheek without doing much damage then I pushed him, using all my weight, and he hit the wall again but was able to stay on his feet this time. He'd had fights and I hadn't. He kept slugging me in the gut, gasping out stuff like, "This is for you, you fat fag!" and "eat this!"

The only thing that kept me on my feet was my gut and the muscle I had from carrying it around. His blows were cushioned by my fat, but I was still scared. I knew he could do a lot of damage if he started back in on my face. Then his girlfriend Bobbie yelled from down the hall, he turned his head and I just jumped at him and my gut knocked him flat on his back. I landed on top of him, my belly sliding around on his since our t-shirts were both scrunched up. He was cursing and yelling, getting knocked down by me was the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to him, I guess. He managed a weak right cross and suddenly I wasn't scared, I was back to being mad. I grabbed his wrists and pinned them both. I was panting, still belly to belly with him, me shifting around to get a better hold when all of a sudden I felt something else. I felt his hard-on rubbing up against my hard-on. We stared at each other and our eyes went wide - neither of us could believe it! There was a look of sheer panic on his face that turned to fury. He squirmed and struggled and cursed me out, all the while making both of us pant and just get harder and harder. Then I came and he was barely a second behind me, felt like hot lava all over me and I loved it. I gave his dick one last little grind against my dick, rubbed my fat gut all over his skinny gut and started to climb off. Then I saw the look in his eyes, he was scared shitless - all he had on was track shorts and if I got off him now everyone would see the cum stain. I almost got up right then, let him get called 'fag' every day and see how he liked it! But I couldn't do it, even to Brad Bettencourt. Instead I lifted myself on one knee and turned him over so he was face down with his crotch hidden. "Leave me alone, Brad!"

I heaved myself off him and noticed my belly was hanging out for everyone to see. I smiled right at them, hefted my big fat gut, let it drop and walked off. Not one of them laughed at me. It felt great.

I was partway down the hall when I heard footsteps running up behind me. I swung around, ready to fight if I had to but it was Bobbie, Brad's girlfriend. She was short, about five feet even and didn't even come up to my shoulder but she was pretty and had nice big tits. She had all the other candy bars and handed them up to me, smiling nervously. "Here's your stuff."

"Thanks. I should charge him two bucks for the ones he stepped on."
She still looked nervous, twisting a button on her sweater and I felt a surge of confidence, now that she was the scared one.

"Say it."

She gave me a pleading look, "You're not going to tell on Brad, are you?"
I grinned, "You mean for stealing my stuff, wrecking some of it and picking a fight?"

She nodded miserably. "He could get in real trouble and we need him on the team."

I smiled, enjoying the victory and the power I had. "Tell him to come see me in the boys' locker room today after school and we'll talk it over."

"Yeah, yeah I will!" She reached into her purse and stuffed a twenty in my hand. "And here's some money for the stuff he wrecked."

"That's not gonna do it, Bobbie."

"How much?"

I was patient. "He needs to meet me alone after school in the boys' locker room. He owes me an apology and if doesn't do it then I'm gonna tell." I offered her the twenty. "You want your money back?"

Her smile was closer to real, now that she knew there was a chance for Brad. "No, you keep it. Buy yourself something good."

"I'll do that." I licked my lips and grinned at her as I pocketed the money, "And I'll think of you when I'm eating it."

I saw her blush and smiled at her again. As I turned to go, my gut brushed against her boobs, and she giggled shyly and waved. "Bye Josh."
I was hard all over again, "Bye Bobbie."

I hitched up my belly again and swaggered off. It was the best day of my life.
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Bbman26 5 months
Oh wow where's the rest of the story?
giantjay 8 months
Really delighted to find this story, and am really enjoying the wonderful twists and turns. Great work!
Akwolfgrl13 8 months
Great so far!
ChubbyTubby and Built4com4t - more is coming. I've written part of the next chapter but am re-writing, you deserve my best. Thanks for your comments, I'm a writing whore - I do it for comments. Thank you!
mdc123 4 years
please please please keep going!
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Nice start, can't wait to see them both pork up.
Thanks for the welcome - spent hours trying to fit it into the 10k words then posted and I'd been logged out. Will try when I'm awake lol!
Wonderful start! You do great at packing so much action into this. Wish I could do that as well as you! Anyway, looking forward to more. (This story reminds me of the brutality of high school!).
Um....all I can say is purr.
Um....all I can say is purr.
Fiji, thanks! I tried to PM you to ask how to format my story but Bella the technodork (very different from a technoGEEK) couldn't figure it out. Can you PM me or direct me to a link?
Fiji 4 years
Nice start!