my tiny encourager - chapter one

my tiny encourager

It was a Saturday around noon and I was sitting in a local tavern. I was eating lunch which consisted of what the menu called the Gut Buster Burger. The Gut Buster Burger consisted of 9 ounces of beef, triple cheese, onions, tomatoes, with a generous amount of Russian dressing on a huge Kaiser role. The menu bragged that nobody could finish one. So, each day I ordered and ate two of them. I was what would be called a gainer. I liked stuffing my belly full of food and packing on of weight. I loved the feeling of my belly being stuffed to the absolute maximum. I know this sounds odd but, it was almost a sexual experience for me to eat so much that belly was swollen and taut. Two Gut Buster Burgers at lunch was as good as having sex as far as I was concerned. I would have loved to find a feeder; someone who would help me gain and enjoy the experience as much as I did. But I always thought that was unrealistic. It was hard to imagine a person who would want to help someone else gain weight. Especially, a girl. I was just not interested in a male feeder and girls were just not into that type of thing . Or so I thought .
The barmaid who served me each day was always amazed that I could consume two of them. Little did she know that most days I had already eaten a rather large breakfast. To be honest she was a secondary reason I ate lunch at the same establishment each day. She was beautiful. Cute might be a better description of her but whichever way you described her she was exactly my type. Despite my large size and proclivity for gaining weight I liked short, slender girls. She was about 5'5" and maybe 120 pounds. In a sense she was my feeder although she did not know it.
By the time I finished my second burger my gut would feel swollen and heavy. And now a final admission; It actually turned me on to feel that fat and swollen in public and have people stare at my belly or even comment on its size. I really wanted people to notice my swollen and bulging belly. It was an erotic experience for me to see people sneak quick glances at my gut. She seemed to steal glances at my belly whenever she got a chance. And she made a comment every day. It was never anything mean. She always said something like, "be careful or you're going to gain more weight." Little did she know that her comments encouraged me to do just that. She had also frequently said, "I have a girlfriend you should meet. I think you two would hit it off."
On this day, I was particularly pleased when I heard the barmaid whisper into her cell phone, "Yep, he's here again. He had the usual. Come see for yourself." Usually, I left the bar as soon as I finished eating. Today I decided to wait and put on a show for whoever the barmaid had called. I sat on the bar stool at the bar feeling stuffed and particularly fat.
Little did I know that my life was about to change dramatically.
A few minutes later I heard the barmaid greet her friend. I turned to look and was surprised to see a very small girl walking toward the bar. When I say tiny, I mean really small. She was shorter and lighter than the barmaid. She was the kind of girl I was attracted to but didn't stand a chance with. I was stunned when she sat down on the stool next to mine. I am not going to lie. That turned me on more than usual. I have already admitted that I like it when people stare at how big I my belly is. I knew that the contrast between the tiny waif sitting next to me and my massive gut would attract attention. I had to be well over double her size. Everyone would be staring today.

As she sat down, she ordered a beer and a Gut Buster burger. I laughed to myself thinking she had no idea what she would be attempting to eat. The barmaid was thinking exactly the same thing because she said to her friend, "Ali, you'll never be able to finish that. Its way too much food for you." Ali's answer was something of a shock. Looking at me she said, "Oh, I am sure this big guy will help me out if I can't finish it. He looks like he has a good appetite."
There was no question about it. This girl named Ali had my attention. I was even more surprised when she struck up a conversation with me. I can not even remember what we chatted about while she waited for her food. I was nervous to say the least. I was not used to girls who looked as attractive as her talking to me. She had a beautiful face, shiny brown hair, dark eyes and as I said before was very petite. She was so small and cute. And during our conversation her eyes kept drifting down to my ample and stuffed belly. That was turning me on.
After a few minutes of friendly chatting I heard her gasp. Her Gut Buster burger had arrived. "Oh my, I'll never be able to eat all of that" she said. She stared at it for a minute before pushing it toward me. "Why don't you help a girl out and eat this for me. I think I would enjoy watching you eat this."
I was already stuffed to the brim. I had already eaten an amount of food that was well beyond normal. My face turned red as I admitted, "I don't think I can help you, Ali. I already ate two of those. I am rather full." Her answer stunned me. "I know you already ate two of them. That's why I am here. I want to encourage you to take that next step. I'll tell you what. I will sit here and encourage you. With my verbal assistance I bet you can put that third one away. Shall we try?"
I didn't say another word. I just reached for the burger and took a large bite. As I did that she slid closer to me and boldly pulled up my shirt exposing my large belly and gently started to rub my gut. She didn't ask or warn me. She just did it. I did not notice at the time but she was enjoying this as much as I was.
About half way through I mumbled, "This is not going to be easy to finish." Her answer was, "You will not let me down. I have faith in you. With my help and encouragement you will succeed." It was at this point I realized that everyone else in the bar was watching. Having people stare at my belly was always a turn on for me. But having this incredible looking girl who was less than half my size massage my growing gut while everyone else watched was truly incredible. I will not lie to you. My cock was as hard as a rock.
When I finally finished, my gut felt massive. Ali grabbed my hand and raised it in the air and announced, "The new heavyweight champion of the world. Nobody has ever even finished two gut buster burgers in one sitting. This belly now holds THREE of them." I was too stuffed with food to say a word. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You, my friend, are coming home with me." As I stood up to go with her, my gargantuan gut pressed up against her tiny little body. I could feel her deliberately lean into my massive belly. I realized then that she was basically copping a feel. She liked the feel of my taut, stuffed gut. I liked the feel of her little body against it.
The walk from my chair was not easy. My belly was immense. My shirt no longer covered it. I had eaten so much that a good portion of my belly was exposed.
As I waddled my way out into the street I heard her say, ""This relationship might work out. If you are willing to eat like that all the time."
I was willing. Boy, was I willing.
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Dantronics 3 years
This story is superb. Very jealous of our ballooning leading man.
Zaftig 4 years
Just wonderful. I think we'd all like to have one of Ali's belly rubs.
mhmmm such a lovely story :-) hehe i liked that she took the pics with a female friend and liked to measure everthing although it would have been nice if the other female would be a little naughty on him getting so chubby and maybe even take some exercise shots for comparison ;-)
There is much more coming. Let me know what you think
great start! keep it coming