What i love about you

Chapter 2 - you cant stop eating and fattening

And from now on, no more burning calories in bed. As much as I love the feel of your weight upon me, you are consigned to the bottom. I'll do all the work. I will ride you like riding a big fat hog. You may squeal, but I don't want you to move. I don't want you to burn a single calorie in loving when I can so easily take car of your every carnal desire. I have loved you fat and I want you to grow fatter yet.

Let your gut expand for me, please. Remain lazy, grow lazier as the pounds pile on. It's a natural thing to get lazier as you gain weight. Just allow nature to take its course. Keep overeating, my dear man. Your gluttonous desires, I will feed them well. It is in my nature to serve you, to feed you, to care for you, to move you about and bathe you and romance you, kiss you, plunge you into me, your belly slapping against my skin as we make love.

Outgrow your clothes. They get tighter and tighter, then finally burst in a celebration of hedonistic pleasure. Buttons pop, seams rip, zippers fail, your flesh pours through so soft and so decadent. Your belly grows fuller, rounder, more prominent. It swells so beautifully as you gain. The beauty of it all nearly brings me to tears.

You will never lose one pound as long as you are around me. And really where else will you ever be? Most other women want some muscular thin-waisted man! That's what you used to look like, and they threw themselves at you. But they are no longer interested in you, not in the least. I have made sure of that. I want you all to myself, and so I have fattened you so that no other woman will give you a second look. You are mine and mine alone. I want all of you, every chubby fat-filled ounce.

You have gone from chubby to plump to stocky to fat and now you are obese moving toward morbid obesity. You have eaten and grown very well, and you have never fought me about my desires. I appreciate that. I really do. Lots of guys think they have to remain fit and strong, but you are special. You do not selfishly try to stay the same. You are willing to change. You take my desires into consideration with every bite of pasta and every spoonful of ice cream. Every piece of candy I feed you, every chocolate-covered strawberry, every slice of pie or cheesecake, you don't pause, even for a minute. You just eat at my command.

You grow engorged from my loving care, blowing up like a balloon filled with blubber. Your belly swells and distends. It pains you sometimes, but I rub away any discomfort. I rub to make room for more, and I feed you more and more. You pack on the pounds. Keep them and keeping adding to them. Gorge late into the night as I make you comfortable, as I make you experience sensual pleasures beyond your wildest fantasies. Keep pleasing me by eating, and I'll keep finding a thousand ways to pleasure you.

Get fatter for me, baby. Give me more fun bulging places to explore. Let your body expand into new territories. Once you take up our entire bed, I will rest atop you, fondling you through the dark nights, feeding you even when you act like you want to stop.

It is no longer your body. It belongs to me. I made it, and I control it. I feed it and fatten it. It is all mine. You only have such a beautiful body because of me. I created this belly, these man-tits, love handles, blubbery butt, chubby cheeks, wobbling double chin, thick soft thighs and those beautiful fat arms. All these are my creation - and my property.

You no longer have possession - or control, do you? You couldn't stop eating if you wanted to because I won't let you ever stop. You can't stop gaining weight because I want my belly - formerly your belly - to grow bigger all the time and never stop growing. Let me hold and rub and kiss my belly all over. I will take care of you and worship you forever and ever. Give up control, baby, and I'll make it worth your while. You'll never have to worry again about where your next meal or next bit of loving will be coming from. It will be coming from me.
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GrowingLoveH... 9 years
Glad to be of service, bitternee! As always, otherland78, I love to hear your comments! I love how you live these stories so vicariously.
FrecherTyp 9 years
ah my this girl is lovely and would be nice ot have power over her since i would be so helptless to her demands and desires whe i lose some weight get a bit fitter so she can do the whole thing agin to me and again ;-)

a really wonderful story hehe
GrowingLoveH... 9 years
bitternee, I will be re-posting that one soon.
GrowingLoveH... 9 years
Thank you for your comments!
GrowingLoveH... 9 years
Thank you for the sweet comments!
Sokotron 9 years
super cool! would love to read more from you! your writing is awesome
Csmith 9 years
Built4com4t 9 years
nice...short and sweet