pantyhose piggy, trapped in rubber.

chapter 2

By the end of the third cycle he didnt even move, he couldn't as his belly was so full. Plus his bowels and bladder was getting full too. So when the fourth cycle started he just lay there taking the shocks and drinking the shake. Just another two cycles. At this he thought.

"Please come back master, please this is unbearable, help me please HELP" trying to will his master back to free him and let him cum.

Another two cycles later and he was in hell. His bloated belly was huge. He tried to think of other things, to keep his mind of his predicament. But seconds later his mind would go back to the discomfort and sexual frustration.

The urge to pee was getting him, he never had a plug stopping it, but he didnt want to pee himself. The feeling of his stuffed bowels wasn't helping.

The boy was lying there thanking god that was the shocks over. Which is why he was surprised to hear a buzz.
His eyes looked about in confusion.

"But it did it six times, no, no more please. What's happening?"

Then the shocks started, they were stronger than before and caught him off guard. As soon as his willy and balls were shocked he lost control of his bladder. He peed himself, he couldn't believe it. The shocks were too strong, he thought. I couldn't help it. But it did relieve his bladder which felt great. He felt the butt plug expand again, but more this time, it stretched his butt hole more than its ever been stretched.
His master watched his pig getting filled, shocked and stretched, he had cameras around the suffering piggy.
He programmed two extra cycles for his pig tonight. Heheh he thought, poor fatty.

Finally after the two extra cycles was finished he felt full. His whole belly felt tight and solid. He wanted so bad to relive himself, but the plug stopped him.

"Mmmmmmnggg" he groaned knowing he still had four hours to go. Plugged up and filled to bursting point. His belly rumbling constantly, gurgling and groaning as he lay there.

"If I could only rub my belly, soothe some of this discomfort" he said as his packed belly grumbled again.

But he could do anything but lie there, looking at his huge in the mirror. The image of himself turned him on and his little winky sprung into life.

"Ohh god look at me. In a huge fatty trapped in rubber. Getting filmed, squirming around and groaning. I should be ashamed but it turns me on so much" his pervy piggy mind thought.

"I hope he lets me cum when I get out of here. Im dreading what he had in store for me next. It can't be as bad as yesterday."


His master was woken up in the middle of the night. His vision blurry, hands reaching out to locate the phone that was ringing. He just received a text message.

"Hey man, was that your fat boy on you tube. Not seen him in a while but it looked like him. Just alot fatter lol" the text read. It was his friend, he owned a sex shop and supplied the master with all sorts of gadgets. That's were he got the vac bag and every thing on and in his suffering piggy.

"Lmao yeah that was my fatty, did you enjoy the show :P" he replied

"Wow he huge now, what a jelly belly you've put on him. Hell yeah I loved the show. I was wondering if I could ask you for a favour"

"Yeah he's a big lump of lard, sure man ask away"

"I was wondering if you would let me rent out your fatty. You know we have a display we put subs in so the customers can try out the gadgets in the shop on them"

"Carry on lol" the master laughed to himself, he liked where this was going.

"I'm sick of having to look at thin guys in rubber all day, I want a big fatty to put on display. Do you think your piggy would be up for it?"

The master thought of his pig on display. The display was made up of strong metal tubes making up a rectangle. There was cuffs in each corner for the persons feet and hands. There was wires that could be pulled to tighten up cuffs so the legs and arms were stretched to reduce movement.
The thought of his fat boy trapped like that in rubber made him hard.

"Yeah he's up for it, he's up for anything lol" the master sent back.

"Do you still have that rubber suit with the belly and boob holes? If you do, mind if I borrow it?"

"Of course you can borrow it, anything to humiliate my fat piggy"

"Nice, I can't wait to see that bare jelly belly jiggle. I wonder what my customers will say lmao. Anyway I'll call you tomorrow to arrange things."

"Cool man, I can't wait lol. Speak tomorrow"

The master couldn't wait to tell his big fat boy the news. He was going to be put on display in a sex shop, in a tight rubber suit with his belly and boobs hanging out in public. Getting devices tested on him. His master reached for the tissue paper on the table next to his bed.


The pigs time in the vac bed was at an end. His master walked in the door.

"Hey you big bloated piggy" said his master, looking too happy. His pig shivered. He could see something in his eyes.

"Lets get you out of there my poor little piglet" he turned of the pump and the vac bed went loose around the fat boy body.

"Awwww" sighed the pig in relief.

His master opened the bag up and looked at his bloated pig on the floor.

"Wow look at that huge bloated belly, it's do big and solid looking" he thumped his pigs solid belly, he grunted and his belly groaned.

"Such a big fat bloated belly." He rubbed the fat around his belly button

"You must feel like your about to burst, your stuffed like a turkey" he continued to rub the fattys belly some more. Who could only moan.
He doubted his pig could get up on his own so he was looking forward to helping his fatty roll over.

"Come on lard ass, lets get you up and emptied haha. Now roll over fat boy" he said putting his hands under his pigs lardy love handles and pushing with all his strength. The pig only went.


"Come on you lazy fatso, get that belly over"

About five minutes later the porker was on his side holding as much of his belly as he could.

"Do you want the plug out of your big butt hole, porky?

"Yes please. Take it out of my big butt hole" he didnt want it taken out, but he needed to empty himself.
The master slowest took out the plug, enjoying the moaning coming from his pig.

"You sounded more like a cow than a pig there haha. You would make a great cow, especially with these big flabby udders" he reached over and grabbed a handful of titty fat, that was flopping down as the pig lay on his side. They were so fat his master thought as he groped the boob.

"Now piggy get up and go to the toilet. Once your done, put on the pantyhose I've put on the table in there. Your wearing the pink shiny ones today"

The piggy managed to get up with some more help from his master. He walked as fast as he could to the bathroom. He sat down and let out a huge fart. He sighed in relief, but as he did he looked up. He saw a camera on a small tripod in the corner filming him.

"Oh god" he thought

A while later he came out of the bathroom, wearing his pink shiny pantyhose.

"Damn, how can a sexy thing like you do such massive farts huh? That first one about distorted the sound on the tv. You have one big farty belly, don't you?"

"Yes I have a huge farty belly master" the pig said blushing, knowing it was more than farts the master heard.

"Hehe poor piggy, aww I about forgot about your little winky, all trapped away haha, lets get it off you. Lift that jelly belly" his master took of the chastity device, then pulled his pantyhose back up.

"Now fatty, jerk it hehe" his pig looked at him with wide surprised eyes.

The pigs hand went for his little willy, it fought to get around his big still bloated belly. He tried and tried, as he started to sweat and get out of breath, his blubbery body wobbling and jiggling around. He felt like an out of shape porker. Here he was getting told to masterbate, and he couldn't. Between his huge man boobs flopping around and huge jelly belly in the way there was no way he could reach it like a man could. He was a big fat pig.

"I can't believe I'm too fat too reach my own willy, ohhhh god this is turning me on so much." He thought as he tried to force his hand past all of the soft blubber.
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Hey, I ran out of letters in the 10th chapter, that's how it ends abruptly. I'll put the bit that couldn't fit into the next chapter.
Hey thanks for the comments, I'm glad your enjoying the story. I've had to break up chapter 4 so it will continue in chapter 5. I reached the max amount of words.
I hope you are all well.
angerday 2 years
Perfect story - big fat sub edged, trapped in rubber and fed over and over - so hot! Thank you!
DikkeGert 2 years
I LOVE your stories about public fat shaming and humiliation. special the flash backs about piggy's youth.
fatlilboy 2 years
You're so want you!!