from your slumber

She lay there still, the only noise she made was the slow steady and rhythmic noises of her breathing. Her blue eyes would occasionally flutter beneath her eyelids a sure sign the drug was wearing off. Her brown hair pooled around her on the pillow, her arms chained to the large double bed, reinforced for all intensive purposes of course.

As her eyelids fluttered one last time I squinted closely on the monitor, she was definitely waking up. She opened her eyes and looked first at her feet and then when attempting to sit up and look around she looked at her chained wrists. Would she scream? It wouldn't matter, the room is sound proof and my neighbours are too drugged up to care. She took a deep breath in and I prepared myself for something blood-curdling but no, she shook her chains some more, then looked above her head. She had been fast to notice the camera, I mean it wasn't the only one in the room but she was still quick. "Who are you? Is this a joke?" I couldn't help but smile. She wakes up in a situation like this and she believes it's a joke? What has the world come to.

I decide that after my small giggle I should go introduce myself and be a good host, after all, she would be staying for a while and I would be her only company. I navigated my way from my office through the halls to the basement door, I had refurbished the doom and gloom of what someone had once used as a rather pathetic wine cellar and now her room was complete. As I took my first step onto the stairs I flicked the switch and the lights illuminated the room and she finally became aware of her situation. "Who are you?" her voice trembled and shook and a visible look of fear spread across her face as I walked ever so closer. Every so often she would shift her eyes to the large machine at the end of her bed. Without the light, she mustn't have noticed it.

The large metal behemoth at the end of her bed must be frightening sight to behold, a long winding tube attached to it with straps of some sort attached to the opposite end of the tube. I reached her bed and answered her question "My name is Nicole, I brought you here to give you a purpose Victoria" Her face distorted again, I hate it when she looks so scared, "You will grow to like it here I'm sure. I know alot about you, so I have many a thing for you to enjoy. For now, though you must rest." Moving to the end of the bed I picked up the tubing and moved back, after a large amount of struggling I had to sedate her. In her relaxed state, it slid oh so easily into her mouth before I locked the mask to her face, the machine let out a gentle hum before quickly pushing through a sugary and fattening mixture. She looked so beautiful, a 23-year-old size 10. Not for much longer.

Clothing sizes are UK sizes not American. Please look up conversions if you really want to know how big she is at this point. I'm sorry for the bad start but I wanted to write this before I slept so I wouldn't forget my idea.
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