looking for a perfect servant

chapter 1

Last week, I decided to put an add in the morning paper. An add for help. A special kind of help. I put the add simple and mysterious.
"Help wanted, I need a male servant, single, to take care of something heavy and demanding, need to be available 24/7,
cooking skills is absolutly a must and need to be fit for the job. Age and background doesn't matter." I received letters around the world, men willing to take care of my special friend but only
three letters kept my attention. Three men seem to be perfect for this special job. I sended a private message to all of them, the job interview will take place
in a rented room of a famous hotel, down town. Each of those candidates received a seperate invitation.

An inteview with a servant feeder - candidate 1


New year eve. My first candidate came early and looked a bit nervous.
"Mister Blay? Please, take a seat." I showed him the chair on the other side on the table.
He looked slim and young, not older than 26. His blond curly hair was a bit messy.
"I'm glad you could come. Don't worry, it won't take long. "
He smiled. "It's okey, I have nothing to do, anyway."
"No? You won't go to a party or something?"
He looked at me with his big bleu eyes. "No, I'm here for the job."
"Oh I see. That's good but, do you know what the job entails? The job description is vage and the pay is terrible low . Are you the right candidate for the job, I wonder..."
He gave me his resume.
"It doesn't matter to me. I have experiences in cooking and serving very demanding women. My last job was a woman with special desires." he said.
"What kind of desires?"
He looked on the floor, maybe he was shy to tell but, I was really curious to know.
"Mister Blay, you don't need to be shy. Just tell me what kind of special services did you offer to that lady?"
"Well..." he said. "I had to cook and clean and I had to ...."
"Yes, come on, just tell me mister Blay. I want to know."
It took a few minutes before he said something again.
"Do you want me to serve you tea, my lady?" He said.
He pointed at a tea tray.
"Yes, please, I will have tea and cake."
He placed the tea tray in front of me and poured the tea in a cup. He stood so close and brushed his arm against mine.
Then he cut a piece of cake and put it on a plate. Every action was done perfectly.
"Do you want me to show you what special services I had to offer to that lady?" he whispered.
"Yes, show me what you had to do."
His innocent look on his face disappeared. He pushed the table aside and climbed on my knees. Sitting on my lap and hugged my round, heavy belly. Pushed his face deep into my
round blubber belly as if he was cuddling a big fluffy pillow. Making love to it without shame and restriction.
He knead my belly as if it was his to knead.
"Can I feed it, my lady?" he said while he unbutton my shirt.
How could he? I couldn't say a thing. The way he handled my belly was as if he knew her for ages. My belly liked it. She let him caress her. He put his lips on my bare skin. I wasn't in
charge. My belly was. She liked him, she liked him a lot. I closed my eyes and let the two lovers be together. My belly was shaking from desire, in heat, that man knew how to treat a demanding belly like mine.
He licked one strech mark after another, slowly, following the lines perfectly. Then, he stopped at my belly button. He looked at me.
"It's not me to decide, my belly is the one you will serve." I said"What's her name?" he asked, still wispering and he caresses the giantess ball of fat.
"Her name is monster. That's what she is. Yes, a monster, always hungry, bossy, greedy and she need a lot of attention. I can't handle her anymore. That's why I need help. To feed her, to
love her, to caress her and to do what ever she want. A man who can handle monster day and night without complain, that's what i'm looking for. She's not only demanding but also jalous.
I warn you, servant. Once you accept the job, you will only live in this earth to serve her. Or else."
He kissed her belly button.
"Hmmm? Or else what, my Lady?"
"I'm serious, mister Blay. It's not a game."
He stick his tongue in her belly button. "It's deep, I like her very much."
"She will devours you!"
I pushed him from my lap and he felt on the floor. His face was red and his eyes were soggy.
"What's wrong, my lady? Did I do something wrong?"
I button my shirt and tried to push my belly back in to her place, behind clothes.
"No, you were perfect." I said.
"Then, why are you pushing me away?"
"Because the interview is over. I need to see two other people before monster decide who she will choose."
He stood up from the floor and looked sadly. "I really hope she will hire me, i'm perfect for this job. I will be her slave day and night. You won't find another one like me, my lady

End of interview number 1
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Rustina 2 years
still waiting for third interview and decision plz
You posted a chapter two twice
QuebecFA 2 years
I really love the story so far! I can't wait for Chapter 2! :-)