Danny's mom

chapter 2

"Danny, it's time to get your lovely mother home dear. I think she is finally finished with lunch." Danny came around the table, his own forty four inch belly bulging out. "Mom, can you stand up?" Sally looked up and her adorable, fat son, "I think I can dear, but you have to help me, I feel so huge!" Sally rocked back, shoving her huge fat bottom through the back of chair and leaning forward grunting and stood up. She wobbled on her feet, her center of gravity had shifted forward with her massive belly. Danny took her hands and led her to the back door. Sally, tried to turn, but she was just too big, but said, "Mrs. Faber, thank you so much for such a wonderful lunch! I can't thank you enough!" Mrs. Faber smiled admiring her handy work, Sally was now obese, her belly sagged onto her thighs her bottom looked to be too wide to get through the kitchen door. "You are so welcome my dear, I am so happy you have joined our little club." She handed a small linen bag to Danny, "Here are a few things for your Mom to wear, I'm afraid none of her things will fit her anymore."

Danny gave Mrs. Faber a quick kiss on her cheek, "Thank you Mrs. Faber, from both my Mom and I." She smiled, "Now Danny you enjoy your Mom, you two now have so much in common." She patter her massive belly for emphasis.
Nat said good bye and waddled home jealous of Danny, now that he had a fat mom.

Danny got his mom into the house and struggled to get her to her bedroom. He helped to her bed and she lay down, Danny had to help get all of her onto the bed. Sally fell asleep.

Danny went downstairs and got himself some cookies and milk. Just then Dad pulled into the garage. He came in the house. He was now used to having a fat son, so he didn't even bat an eyelash at Danny eating before dinner. "Where's Mom?" "She in your room, taking a nap, she had a really big lunch at Mrs. Faber's house." Dad said, "I know, a got a strange call from her today, saying that your Mom was going to have lunch with her, that she would have a big surprise when I got home." Danny thought, "Oh yeah, it's big alright."

Dad went upstairs. He heard some conversation and then some noise, sounding like their bed. An hour later he heard the shower come on. Danny heard Dad and Mom talking while coming down the stairs (slowly). Mom waddled into the den, dressed in one of Mrs. Faber's house dresses. She really looked fantastic, her belly was sticking out lifting the hem just a bit and her bottom was so wide it brushed again the door frame when she waddled in. She was smiling running her hands over her body.

"Danny honey, I want you to take me to the buffet by the highway, I'm so hungry dear, lets hurry." Dad handed Danny a couple of twenty dollar bills. "Take care of your Mom, Danny, make sure she gets enough to eat, you too, I want to see you both nice and round when you get home."

Danny drove and Sally sat in the front seat. "Oh Danny I can't weight to get there." Danny looked over at his now, obese Mom. "Did you have a nice time at Mrs. Faber's today?" "Oh Danny I think I had the best day of my life, oh my God, can that woman cook! I have never, ever eaten so much wonderful food in my entire life! She is such a dear helping me today." Danny looked over, "Mom, I asked Mrs. Faber to feed you today, I wanted you to get as fat as I am. She was the one who made me get so fat. She cast an incantation on me when I was being an *** to Nat. It made her furious that I was being so mean to him, so she made me get fat too." Sally started to cry, "Danny, thank you so much, I love what happened to me today, I have never enjoyed myself more! I love to eat now, it's nearly all I can think about, now."

They pulled into the buffet parking lot, parked and both waddled into the buffet, they paid the fee and started in. Three hours later Danny and Sally staggered and waddled to the car. Danny's jeans were undone, his belly bulged out in front of him. His t-shirt was only covering a third of his huge belly. Sally looked like a balloon. The hem of the house dress was riding up, her belly stuck out in front of her. Her bottom cheeks looked like beach balls fighting in a sack.

They got home and struggled into the house. Dad smiled, "You both look wonderful, Danny you took good care of you mom and it looks like you took care of yourself as well." Dad gently poked his son's round soft belly.

The next day was Saturday, Dad went to play golf. Danny and Sally dressed only in under pants and t-shirts gleefully stuffed themselves all morning, giggling at each other's eating prowess.

A few weeks later, Danny and Amanda came to the house to show Mom and Dad their tuxes and dress. Danny looked amazing in a size fifty tuxedo. Amanda was adorable in a short, black cocktail dress. They hugged Sally and Dad and left for the prom.

In the car Amanda comments, "Danny, I didn't know your mom was so big! She is so beautiful too, I love how her tummy sags from underneath her dress, its so cute!"
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Fanedfox 8 years
I did write another story in this "series". Danny's girlfriend/wife, Ashley gains weight as well.
Mikeself46 9 years
You are without a doubt, the best writer for all of us FAs and fattys.