Our next weekend

Chapter 2

The next morning I felt great. I wanted to play with her beautiful body, but my mouth tasted terrible and it was bad enough having to awaken to it myself, let alone subjecting her to hangover mouth. I brushed my teeth and showered. I got a bunch of food and laid it out with the intent of making it look like a menacingly large quantity. I brushed my hand against her cheek to wake her. She opened her eyes and yawned. “You look surprisingly good today” she said.

“I probably drink more than is good for me, I usually do pretty well the next day. How was your sleep?”

She sat up and pulled the covers off of her beautiful body. “It was great. I had a couple dreams about eating, and one about being stuck in some tunnel. My body was too fat to get through.”

“A tunnel, huh. You do have some weird fantasies. I don't have any tunnel to wedge you into though.”

We talked for a while. I was really starting to like her. I did however have the important charge of expanding her body, and it was time to get underway.

“I'm going to tie you to the bed and blindfold you. If you get weirded out or need me to stop anything, just tell me. Say stop and I will completely cease whatever I'm doing and untie you. OK?”

“Yeah, it's nothing different than you did last time.”

We started with a bunch of chocolate covered strawberries. I wanted to move slowly. I tied her down and placed the blindfold on her. One by one I held up the berries and she sucked off the chocolate and then bit into the red flesh. She massaged the fruit in her mouth and savored the flavors. She worked over the chocolate covering very sensually. It was incredibly hot to watch. After the strawberries I emptied the box of frosted cinnamon rolls. I started by tearing off little bits of the rolls and placing them in her waiting mouth. After a while though, I just started holding up the whole roll and pushed it into her mouth. She smelled like cinnamon, which I found incredibly sexual.....the smell of cinnamon on her lips was too much for me to handle and I took a break from feeding her to explore her body a little bit.

She had definitely grown, if only slightly from our last weekend. Her undies cut into her hips a little bit more than I had noted before. I pulled up the elastic band and let it snap back onto her body. “Hey what are you doing?” she asked.

“I'm just appreciating your wardrobe a bit....thinking about how sexy the satin looks on your skin.”

I kissed her cinnamon lips and fed her another roll. She ate the whole thing in just 3 bites. I think her capacity for food had grown a little in line with her flabby tummy. “That was my last cinnamon roll. Now I have some breakfast shakes for you and we can take a little break.”

“I'm ready for whatever you have for me.”

“Your attitude is great, I'm glad you're up for a challenge.”

I opened the first can of instant breakfast and held it to her lips. She sipped it while I taunted her a bit. “I'm going to fill you with all these high calorie foods until you are a nasty fatty. Drink up and get fat like a good girl and I'll make you orgasm like you can't believe. For the rest of the weekend your body is my new toy. I want your belly to be a big bouncy ball.”

She continued to drink. “Feel that?” I asked as I pinched a bit of her....”I'm not going to stop until your chin jiggles as you walk.” “I want your fat butt to get too wide for my bathtub.”

She finished the cans of instant breakfast and I congratulated her on a great morning session. To reward her I massaged her body. I started at her fingertips and kissed her hands. I rubbed firm circles into the palms of her hands. I rubbed my lips down her thick arms and tickled her a little under her arms. She giggled and wiggled all over the bed. My attention turned to her neck as I kissed and caressed her small double chin. I nibbled a little on her extra skin as I ran my fingers softly down her sides. I could tell she was turned on because her breathing got deeper and faster. Her belly was a major focus of my affections. I licked and kissed her belly fat for a long time. It was so soft and smooth on my face. After about 10 minutes of belly, I brushed my face over her trimmed pubic hairs. I blew on her clitoris but slid right past her vagina and massaged her inner thighs. Her strong legs were soft but very firm underneath. I could taste the salty sweat that had started exuding out of her pores. Her skin was healthy and felt like heaven on my cheeks. I rubbed all the way down her legs and squeezed her calf muscles like dough. I ticked her feet and once again she shimmied all over the bed. I rubbed and kissed each of her toes. Her ample body was tense with sexual excitement, but I had no intention of giving her any release. I Moved myself back up to her thighs as I rubbed and kissed everything near and around her womanhood, but never actually touched her vagina. Periodically I would softly blow air onto her clit, but that is as close as I allowed her to any real stimulation.

I was also a ball of sexual tension. Forty minutes of foreplay with no release had me aching to orgasm.

“That was fun huh?” I poked at her.

“Ohhh. You're wonderful.”

“Well, you just rest up and I'll be back in a while.”

She sat up as much as she could. “What!!!!???”

“I have have to get some things for later. You can rest up and let those cinnamon rolls fatten you up.”

“That's it, you dont want to fuck me?”

“Not now. I want you to lay right there and let those calories stick. I'm excited to see where they end up.” It was completely false....my nuts ached.

“But......don't you still want me? I'm so turned on......why???”

“I have to go, you look beautiful, you always do.”

I walked out. I knew she was confused, and i felt bad for leaving her feeling that way, but I knew I was going to make up for it.
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Fatlilboy 15 years
Totally enjoyed it! Especially poking as she fattened up. Keep feeding her and fattening her. There is plenty of room here for a ballooning of this girl's body. I love the descriptions of her softening, rounding, widening. All nicely done. Sensual, erotic and force fed. LOVE IT. Keep it going.