Our next weekend

Chapter 3

I picked up a present for her. The details of my shopping are irrelevant and dull. When I got back she was still awake, still tied to the bed and blindfolded. I took out a feather duster and brushed it over her body.

“Back from visiting your girlfriend?”

“Not quite, I was out getting her some presents.”

“I'm sure she'll be a happy girl. She's not tied up in someone else's house.”

“There is nobody else I have thought of since I met you. I wanted to bring some variety to our fun here.”

I brushed the feathers over her nipples and they stood at attention like little soldiers. “Oh that's sweet. You got me something. I was so angry at you.”

“I figured you would be. I think you'll be happy soon.”

I ran my hands and lips over her body again from head to toe at a faster pace. The tension was still high. I wanted to work her into a frenzy before I satisfied her. Again, I kissed her thighs and kissed her belly. Finally I got food and prepared for lunch.

I took her treat out of it's little velvet lined case and turned it to on. The room filled with the high pitched hum.....bbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

“What is that” she asked me.

I held up a chicken nugget and pushed it to her lips. She opened her mouth and bit it in half. I took her new toy and held it to her labia. It vibrated her and she nearly spit out her nugget. “Oh shit.” is all she said.

“I hope you like it.”

I fed the the whole bunch of 50 nuggets with one hand and vibrated her with the other. She writhed and moaned and occasionally shook, but in due time finished all the nuggets. I pulled the vibrator back and asked her if she had room for more. “I don't know where you get some of these ideas, but if you want me to eat, this is the way to go.”

“I love watching you eat. I want you to eat while you orgasm over and over again.”

“ I Like that idea.” She said.

Vvvvzzzzzzzzzzzzz...I tickled her belly button with the vibrator and said “It will be my pleasure.”

I fed her chocolate frosted cupcakes and vibrated her most sensitive areas, to both of our enjoyment. It was a ridiculous site I'm sure. She was bound and blindfolded, naked and flabby with me feeding her enormous quantities of food and pleasuring her. A package of cupcakes and 2 liter of coke later she lay bloated and exhausted. I was now in need of release, as the last few hours had left me very aroused. I entered her very softly and slowly fucked her. I grabbed onto her soft love handles and fixed my eyes on her round and significantly bigger belly. I moved just fast enough to stimulate myself, without trying to jostle her full stomach too much. She was filling out in all the right places, with a beautiful feminine figure and a perfect pot belly. I was so turned on, it only took about 10 minutes of slow soft intercourse for me to cum. I untied her, but told her to leave the blindfold on. “I want you to see the difference when you finally take it off.”

She didn't mind at all, and snuggled up next to me. Her belly pressed into my right flank. Even though I ached from several hours of arousal, I stiffened at the feel of her skin on mine. We kissed softly and tenderly, Soon she fell asleep. I could feel her warm breath on my neck, and felt totally at peace. I didn't want the moment to end. Soon, however, I joined her in blissful sleep.
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Fatlilboy 15 years
Totally enjoyed it! Especially poking as she fattened up. Keep feeding her and fattening her. There is plenty of room here for a ballooning of this girl's body. I love the descriptions of her softening, rounding, widening. All nicely done. Sensual, erotic and force fed. LOVE IT. Keep it going.