Our next weekend

Chapter 4

I awoke before she, and gathered up some scented candles and a box of chocolates. I drew a warm bath and lit all the candles to perfume the air. There were some CD's I had bought a few weeks back, Coltrane, Davis, Charlie Parker, Freddie Hubbard, and I brought them all to the bathroom. I wanted to set a very relaxed and beautiful mood. Finally, I woke her and led her to the bathroom. “Leave your blindfold on, and step in. I made a bath for you. We need to keep you clean, you worked up quite a sweat earlier.”

She stepped into the warm water and sat back. I lathered up a soapy loofah and started to massage it into her ample frame. “Oops, I almost forgot....” I clicked on the CDs. The room filled with warm brass sounds as I washed her curvy figure with gentle soapy strokes. Slowly the room filled with the aroma of crème and spice from the candles. I sang to her “We have to clean the pudgy girl, to shine her ample growing frame, and keep her glad she came to me, to grow her lovely chubby belly”

“oh I bet you say that to all the girls” she said, and let out a little chuckle.

“ I only sing in the bathroom.”

I picked up a chocolate and fed it to her. She chewed it slowly and sank her head down below the water. When she came back up water poured form her hair and trickled down her shoulders over her nipples giving them a slight perking. I fed her another chocolate. I lathered up her hair and rubbed my fingers into her scalp. She submerged herself again to rinse it clean. Her belly jutted out of the water and glistened in the lights as a small pool of water filled her deepening navel. I pulled the shower nozzle off the wall and set it to massage. I held it to her back for a few seconds before giving her belly a power washing. Her soft fat compressed beneath the stream of water making temporary dimples. Finally, I put it under the water and let the stream caress her vagina. “You're right, i did need a bath. I've been a very dirty girl.”

I didn't say anything, just fed her a chocolate and sealed it with a kiss and held onto the shower head as she splashed water up at me. She missed though, as she was still blindfolded.

“Are you going to play rough” I asked?

My voice cued her into my exact location though, and her second attempt to splash me hit the mark. I stripped down and jumped into the bath with her. I grabbed her wrists as we playfully wrestled with each other. After a few seconds she stopped feigning resistance. I sat behind her and wrapped my legs around her. “Now that I have you trapped, I want you to finish these candies.” I fed her the chocolates one by one. After a few, I placed her hand on the box and told her that she was in charge of her feeding, and took to massaging her shoulders and back. She ate slowly as I worked my hands into her soft skin. It was slippery and soft under my hands. I developed an erection, which was happily positioned in between her round butt cheeks. She wiggled around to show me that she had noticed, but didn't say anything. She just chewed her chocolates and smiled a sly grin.

She continued to wiggle her butt and I continued to be aroused with each movement. After the last chocolate she turned around and put her legs up over the wall of the tub. “I want you to fuck me in the bath.”

I took immediate action on her wish, and filled her freshly washed genitals with my own. Our slick skin slid over each others as water splashed over the sides. The mechanics were difficult due to the restrictions of the tub, but the feel of warm wet soft skin all over my body made the efforts all worth while. I grabbed onto her belly fat, but my fingers slid all over it, like a car on an icy road. The warmth of the water caressed our groins as we pressed into each other. Water was all over the floor, but it was of little concern. I pressed in and pulled out as her soft thighs slid on top of mine. We both orgasmed and slid to the bottom of the tub.

I got out and helped her to her feet. I dried her with a big towel and threw it to the floor to soak up some of the water. When she was well dried I looked her over and said “now that's some pig.”

“Oh, you're a novelist now.”
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Fatlilboy 15 years
Totally enjoyed it! Especially poking as she fattened up. Keep feeding her and fattening her. There is plenty of room here for a ballooning of this girl's body. I love the descriptions of her softening, rounding, widening. All nicely done. Sensual, erotic and force fed. LOVE IT. Keep it going.