Our next weekend

Chapter 5

It was getting dark outside, and the second day of our weekend was nearing an end. Certainly she needed a severe stuffing if the weekend was to be complete. The fridge was still relatively full, so after choosing some fine ingredients, I made a huge dinner of fried fish and chicken with mashed potatoes, Texas toast and cake to round round out the menu (and the girl).

She put on her underwear and I invited her down stairs. I sat her down at the dinner table and served her a plate full of everything. “I want you to finish this plate. It's big, but it shouldn't be any trouble for you”.

She felt around for the platter, and once her hands had located it, she started eating at a rapid pace. It didn't take her long to eat the whole mess. I sat another load down in front of her, and this time encouraged her, and teased her a bit too. She ate more slowly now, and I pressed her on with compliments about how sweet and fat she looked in her undies. It was true, she was so soft and fleshy, blindfolded and stuffing her face. I tried not to feel too aroused, as my loins were sore from being so stimulated all weekend. Gladly, it was a moot point. I couldn't not be turned on by her. I kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobes as she finished the second round.

After she had finished, I brought over the cake. She thought she was done and leaned back in her seat. I quickly disillusioned her though, as I tied her hands together behind her back. This time I also brought the tie cord from my bath robe and tied her belly to the back of the chair. It pressed her firmly into place, but let some much needed room to expand. “don't go too crazy please, I'm already really full.”

“I'm not going to go crazy, but I am gonna stuff you stupid. Enjoy it. It's going to be fun. Just picture yourself as a big fluffy fattie.”

I started feeding her the cake knowing full well that she had no idea how much or little was left. She made it through the first third without much trouble. The middle third presented her a challenge, but she didn't complain at all. By then her belly was pressed firmly into the bath robe cord. It pushed against her belly fat and held her stiffly upright in the chair. “Ok butterball, I'm really gonna stuff you now.”

“Oh......(she took a deep labored breath)..how much ............is left?”

“Well there is really no way of knowing from your standpoint. Enough to make you squirm.”

“I'm really stuffed.”

“I know, that's why it's going to be so much fun. I'm going to stuff you until your legs grow weak. Open up and eat. Be the fat girl you know you want to be.”

She did just that. Every bite she took, I poked her belly. “Look at how fat you have gotten, you greedy pig.” Another bite, another poke...”I can actually see you getting fatter.” Another.....”Your ass is wider than the chair”....again....”there's no turning back, you're way too fat now.” I stuffed my finger into her belly button. It sunk in to the level of my middle knuckle. “Can you feel how big you're getting?”

I had to give it to her, i knew she ached, but she didn't complain once. I fed her the last of the cake. I didn't let her know that she ate the whole thing though. I tightened the cord around her waist. Her belly squished around it like jello. “Oh God, I'm gonna throw up. Please........”

Silence. I let her worry that the punnishment was still forthcoming. Truthfully, it would have been fun to keep feeding her, but she never said she was into S&M, so I left well enough alone. She had done a great job eating anyway, and it was late. She panted in the chair, forced into perfect posture by the cord around her. I pinched the thickest part of her belly. “you're not nearly fat enough.....”

“Ohhhhhh” she moaned.

She was thoroughly confused when i untied her hands. “Ohh, thank you!!! thank you!” I kissed her and untied her belly. She slumped forward in the chair and rested her head on the table, exhausted and pained. I picked her up, although it took all my strength to do it. I carried her to the bathroom and told her to step on the scale. It read 198. “I didn't know I could carry that much.”

“What's it say.”

“You can see tomorrow.”

She frowned. I picked her back up with great soreness in my back and carried her to the bed. It felt so good to lay her down. I Brushed her cheek and told her not to worry....”The news is good.” I cuddled up next to her and rubbed her belly. She fell asleep with my hand on her belly and my lips on her neck. I was still wide awake, and actually very hungry myself. I ate a little bit of chicken, had a beer and watched TV for a while before rejoining her in the bedroom. I laid my hands back on her belly and tried to remember how it felt the first time I felt it. It was bigger for sure. I nestled my face against her hair and fell asleep too.
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Fatlilboy 15 years
Totally enjoyed it! Especially poking as she fattened up. Keep feeding her and fattening her. There is plenty of room here for a ballooning of this girl's body. I love the descriptions of her softening, rounding, widening. All nicely done. Sensual, erotic and force fed. LOVE IT. Keep it going.