the baby machine 8

prolog & chapter 1

This is another story that I wrote and published on Smashwords at ...
It 's a sequel to Baby Machine 7 and is distantly connected to an older story of mine, "Soul Mates: The Baby Machine 3."
I've written this in 'Script Fashion.' please let me know what you think of this.
Thanks & I hope you enjoy.


Sylvia: (Raspy voice.) "They sprayed my throat. My voice will be gone in minutes."
Matt: (Nonchalant attitude.) "Oh, sorry about that. Well anyway, he uses human sows to breed with his boars. The sperm from these special boars is able to fertilize human eggs. The results are piglets that are perfect for human organ transplants."
Sylvia: (Raspy whisper.) "Matt... Please... For the last time, I want to leave. I won't be able to speak again."
Matt: (Nonchalant.) "Well you see, there's a little problem. I don't know how to say this. Well... Best get it out... He's offered to buy you. He really wants you."
Sylvia: (Shaking head, no. Tiny whisper.) "Matt, no..."
Matt: "Well anyway, he offered sixty-five thousand dollars for you. That's the best he's offered for any of you pigs here."
Sylvia: (Continues to shake head, no. Begins to snort.)
Matt: "So, what could I say? Between my student loan and my credit card debt, what choice do I have? And beside, he's promising that you'll truly enjoy it and that your stay with him won't be more than four or five years."
Sylvia: (Continues to snort as he walks away.)
Matt's notes...
It was a week after I got home, when my head started to clear and I realized what a terrible thing I'd done. It was amazing that in those few short days, they'd managed to degrade the image of my girlfriend to that of an animal, at least in my mind. Selling her had seemed so logical at that moment.
I began to search for her but then, the website disappeared.
After months of questioning people, I met another guy just like me.
With this guy's offer to help, I quit my job and devoted myself, full time, to finding Sylvia.
A year later, we finally tracked down the farm where the gathering had been held, only to find it deserted.
Then, my partner ran out of money and went home.
Six months later, I got a text from my partner saying that a similar website had recently appeared. I set to work on that.
But, every night in the silence and the dark, I find myself forced relive how I allowed Sylvia to be taken away and turned into a breeding machine.


Chapter 1

A year and a half earlier as Matt left her...
Sylvia: (Crying silently as Matt walked away.)
Her handler: (Watching the ex-boyfriend walk away.) "They're all like that. Offer em enough money and they'd sell their mother to that Doctor."
Sylvia: (Tried to ignore the handler and worked to roll her heavy body on her side. She now weighed nearly three times what she weighed a little over a year and a half, ago.)
Handler, "Doctor's coming. Try to act respectful. Your life is in his hands, now."
Doctor: "Hello my dear and welcome to my fold. Your old boyfriend told you about our little arrangement? He did, didn't he?"
Sylvia: (Looks up through the bars wanting to make an obscene gesture. But, she tried to force a smile and nodded.)
Doctor: (Turned to the handler and spoke in front of Sylvia as if she wasn't there.) "Gustav. Back off on the feed a little. I want her body to stabilize and accept her new weight... You know... Make her size permanent. Let's double the hormone shots to one in the morning and one in the evening... I want to develop those teats as quickly as possible and keep the rest of her reproductive system changing... I'd like to see her pregnant in six months."
Handler: (Nods)
Doctor: (Without looking at Sylvia, he turned and walked away.)
The Handler: "Well... You heard the man. Might as well get used to being big. Ain't no way to go back, no more. Come over here and we'll start the feeding tube. Then, we'll do that shot."
Sylvia: (Beginning to tear up, again... Lifted herself and plodded to the opening.)
Sylvia: (As the pump started to fill her stomach, she began to realize how big she was. Until now, she'd viewed her eating and gaining as a lark between lovers. But now, it was different. She was immense and by the sound of it, they intended to keep her that way. And if the Doctor got his way, she'd be a pregnant sow in six months. Later, she crawled into a corner of her cage and sobbed uncontrollably.)
Matt: (Sat in the trailer with the other husbands, boyfriends and owners. The remainder of the livestock-women lay in the back, the livestock section. But, there were fewer than when they came. To their surprise, a number of them had been sold. Each of the former owners sat quietly, nursing his drink.)
Matt: (At the old meeting place, a parking lot, he staggered out of the trailer, now thoroughly drunk. He sat in his car and watched the livestock-women unload. Each woman was considerably larger. The Doctor's feeding process was amazingly effective.)

Matt: (Continued to watch. Why did he feel so empty, now?)
Back at the gathering place...
A small trailer: (Backed up to the cages. Four women were shuttled into the back. Sylvia and another were large and waddled as they crawled up the ramp. The other two were thin, but had huge breasts that nearly touched the ground as they crawled into the trailer. Each of the four was crying.)
The Handler: (Threw in several blankets and raised the ramp. Saying...) "Cover up. It's going to get cold in there. There's water in the front and a hole in back for anything else you need to do." (He slammed the gate shut.)
The trailer: (Began to move. The women had no idea where they were going. As it began to sway, they huddled together and then covered up. After an hour, one of the women crawled to the hole and threw up. Then another and then another until all four were overcome with motion sickness. An hour after that, the trailer came to a stop and then began to back up. The women were hustled into another bigger trailer and locked in the front and covered with a ramp. Then a large herd of pigs were guided into the trailer and again, it was moving. Locked in their tiny cubbyhole, the women huddled together and tried to stay warm.)
The bigger trailer: (Came to a stop. Then, it seemed to edge forward and stop and then, edge forward as if in a line. Sylvia heard the far rear gate open and the pigs began to shuffle.)
A Canadian voice: "Papers?" (Long silence.) "Anything else to declare?" (Another silence.) "OK, then."
The bigger trailer: (Began to move again.)
Sylvia: (Could feel the change in speed as the driver shifted through the gears. It was growing colder. The women huddled closer together. They were hungry, but no food had been offered.)
The bigger trailer: (Slowing down. Then backing up. The far gate slammed open and the pigs were herded out. Indistinct voices talking about pigs. Then the women were uncovered and herded out and back into the same small trailer.)
Handler: (Opened the gate and studied the women. Then he threw several blankets in.) "Be another six hours. Gonna get pretty cold. Better cover up more. When we get there, I can feed you good." (Slammed the gate shut.)
Two skinny women: (Began to cry, again. Sylvia was cried out.)
Sylvia: (Closed her eyes and let her mind wander to her intimate nights with Matt. She thought about the first night he took her. Then, she thought about him on top of her as her body was beginning to grow. She had felt softer and liked it and wanted more.)
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Nok 2 years
phenomenal man. On the edge of my seat. Like a scifi version of an old serial suspense story. Cool.
JM Ross 2 years
Sorry. Sow-woman's babies were taken from her.
Ryan100000 2 years
This chapter is a little confusing. Isn't it Sylvia feeding the piglets but then you cut to a Sow-women is she and Sylvia the same pig?
Nok 2 years
Yah man. This is transgressive fiction for sure. Not necessarily hot like its predecessor, but undoubtedly one of the best and most interesting I've ever read on FF. With some obvious editing, I think it could be publishable irl.
Ryan100000 2 years
It's starting to get brighter
Ryan100000 2 years
Wow is all I can say
JM Ross 2 years
Plaid: You're right. It is dark. Stories seem to develop a mind of their own. Like the ending of Baby Machine 7... Even I didn't like it. But that's where it took us. I hope you continue to enjoy BM 8.
Nok 2 years
You have the makings of a real and very dark story here, not just smut. I really like it. Not something I expect on FF.
JM Ross 2 years
TY Ryan & Plaid. I hope you continue to like.
Nok 2 years
Very cool. Good writing man! Exciting, clandestine, tense.
Ryan100000 2 years
Nice setup for the sequel I hope Matt finds her