the fat friend

the answer

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw Jessica, the most popular girl in school, sit next to me. She was the girl with the slim figure and the perfect blond hair. The one whom everyone admired despite the fact that she wasn't the kindest girl in school. But there she was, right at my same table which I usually sat at alone. She smiled at me and began laughing a bit. She then looked toward my tray before commenting on much food I was eating. At that moment my face felt hot. I realized that she had probably only come over to make fun of me, as if sitting alone wasn't bad enough. We sat in silence before she made another rude remark.

"Well, are you going to say something? Can you talk or can you just oink and moo?"

That was what she said. She managed to make me feel uncomfortable about being silent whilst calling me a pig and a cow. I wanted to come up with a witty comeback, but I was too embarrassed. She was right, afterall. I was such a fat greedy pig wolfing down all of that food.

"What do you want? Did you come here just to make fun of me?" I asked.

"Of course not, fatty! I actually came to ask you if you wanted to be a part of the group," she said.

I couldn't believe my own ears. There was no possible way that she wanted me in the popular group. I rolled my eyes. This was probably just a joke. She wanted me to think that she would actually let the fat girl in, when, in reality, it was too good to be true.

How dumb does she think I am? I thought. My look probably let her know that I wasn't buying it.

"Okay, fine. I'll be honest with you. I do want you in the group, but it's because I thought that it might be kinda fun to have a fat friend," she said looking up and down my body as if verifying my obesity.

I continued to just stare at her, however my incredulous expression shifted slightly to reveal shock. I looked straight into her blue eyes. I found myself again at a loss for words. I still wasn't quite sure what she wanted with me and knew that I needed to be wary. Her questionable intentions became a concern of mine.

"And, what, exactly would I have to do?" I finally asked.

She smiled. She probably assumed that I was interested in whatever she wanted me to do. It wasn't entirely untrue. I was sick of being an outcast and being alone.

"Well, you'd be a part of our group. You'd be able to go to all of the cool parties and hangouts and such. You'd be one of us, as long as you let me make fun of your weight and eat as much as I ask you to as well as a few other things," she smiled, "you'd be here for my amusement."

I stared at her again. Part of me wanted to keep every last microscopic shred of dignity that I still had, but the other part wanted to not be alone anymore. Being one of them would've been like a dream, but her little sadistic game that she wished to play could easily turn it into a nightmare. I opened my mouth to speak but then stopped. She checked her watch as a way to let me know that I needed to make a decision. Reluctantly, I nodded, knowing that this was something that I may end up greatly regretting.

A smile spread across her face as she flipped her luscious blonde hair back. "Great!" she said enthusiastically, "follow me!"

I was led to the popular table for the first time in my existence, I knew that things were about to change. Whether for the better or the worst, I would soon find out.
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Porker101 5 months
More pls xx
Bbman26 6 months
Where have you been?? We need more lol
RunningMan 10 months
Excellent! Keep going.
Bigpig 2 years
Super hot!! More please!
You must add more!
dreambig 2 years
this story is so so hot. please keep writing!!
Anis2488 2 years
This story is marulus keep comming the good work i like a lot
ncjonathan 2 years
Keep it coming!
Archervice 2 years
This is great can't wait for more
Perenolde 2 years
Great story so far! Thanks for sharing!
Jazzman 2 years
Nice twist at the end. Didn't understand the sentence "no one wanted make out with him."?
QuebecFA 2 years
This is such a well written and very erotic story! I can hardly wait for Chapter 3! :-)
bradypig 2 years
Please write more, this is amazing !
Bobj8888 2 years
Great job, pls keep going!
the juicy 2 years
Awesome story. I had one in mind like this where the popular girls fed the fat girls all the stuff they were afraid to eat.
Jazzman 2 years
Nice Story!
fatlilboy 2 years
Wow - great start! Can't weight for more either
Good two chapters can't wait for more!
Youaintit 2 years
Great start! Can't wait for more.
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