amy's bakery

chapter 1

The alarm repeatedly blared its annoying buzz as Amy slapped around her nightstand looking for the snooze button. Finally, she shot up from the bed and switched it off. Dropping the alarm clock, She retreated into her nest of hazelnut hair and blankets.
"This is way too early to wake up." she muttered to herself before dragging herself out of the warm, comfy bed.
Her pink, cartoon covered pajama pants and blue tank top were no match for the frigid room causing The slender brunette to shiver. She turned the heat up a a bit as she headed down the hall towards the bathroom. Amy set to work brushing her teeth and combing her mess of hair before carefully applying her makeup. Checking herself over, Amy switched off the light and returned to the bedroom.
She shed her pajamas and pulled a pair of khaki pants from the dresser and stepped into them before pulling them up her smooth, petite thighs, and over her plush little booty. She grabbed the blue work polo she laid out the night before and slipped into it, Amy glanced at the pink sprinkled doughnut embroidered on the chest.
"Alright lets get this over with." she sighed.

The bell above the door chimed lightly as Amy stepped into the small doughnut shop.
She was immediately greeted by the warm, sweet smell of frying pastries as it wafted through the door. "Hello?" She called out, walking around the counter.
"Hang on, I'll be out in a moment!" A young masculine voice called out from the kitchen.
Amy hung up her coat and started toward the kitchen before the swinging doors clapped open as a man emerged with a large tray of doughnuts.
Oh my god...Amy thought as he hefted the tray onto an angled shelf with muscular arms.
He's absolutely gorgeous. Amy's gaze scanned up his arms to his broad shoulders. She held back her desire to latch onto him and run her fingers through his black hair. He would pull his handsome face close to hers and stare longingly into her eyes before ripping open her shirt, Just before-
"Uh, Hello?"
Amy snapped out of her fantasy and stared dumbly at his face.

"You okay?" The man asked.
"y-yeah..." She stammered with a laugh. "Just still pretty tired." She lied.
The man laughed. "You'll get used to the early mornings. I'm Jake and I'll assume you're Amy"
He added, extending his hand.
" did you know my name." She said grasping his hand and giving it a feeble shake.
"Well I figure the owner should be here for new hires. Especially when they're hired while I'm away." He replied.
A bolt of fear shot up her spine.
Oh no, he's my boss! Amy thought frantically.

"And don't worry about me being your boss." Jake continued. "It's pretty laid back around here."
Can you read minds? Amy released a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding, feeling relieved he had turned his attention back to the pastry rack and didn't respond.
"I trust Steven showed you how to open?"
"y-yeah, I've done it a couple times." Amy nodded nervously.

"Alright. Well Amy, I'll let you take care of that while I grab the rest of these doughnuts." He said turning back toward the kitchen. "Oh, and be sure to help yourself to some coffee, It helps shake off the early morning cobwebs." he smiled.

Amy's day went swimmingly. She opened up and greeted the commuter rush.
Jake came out of the kitchen and worked right beside her. They had plenty of time to chat during the down time between groups of customers.
Getting to know Jake had quickly become Amy's favorite part of the day and if she wasn't imagining things, he seemed to really enjoy it as well.
Before she knew it, the two were closing shop. "So how do you like the job so far?"
Jake asked as he closed out the register. "It's pretty great." Amy tried to play cool even though her imagination raced to conceive romantic replies.
"Although I wish I had remembered to eat breakfast, I'm starving."
"oh, I wish you would've said something." Jake replied turning his attention to the display case.
"you can snack on whatever you'd like while you're working" He apologized.
"I can?" Amy asked with glee. She had been drooling over the pastries all day and the prospect of having one was a godsend.
"haha of course." Jake laughed as he packed a couple dozen leftovers into a bag. "oh and take few of these" he added putting some eclairs into a bag. "These are my favorites."
"you wouldn't be trying to fatten me up would you?" Amy said as she gave her boss a playfully suspicious look.
"it's my way of keeping the new hires from running off." he joked.
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Bbman26 2 years
I love this story, the custard stuffing is my favorite
I love this story please write more
Rustydog7 2 years
Wow, great story, I can't wait for more.
RFBurton 2 years
Outstanding!! Keep up the great work!
FeedHerFat 2 years
Great start, I hope Amy loses her self control and destroys more clothes smiley
Cool start