surprising changes

chapter 1

I'm sitting down on the couch in the living room, waiting for Emily to get here. My parents weren't home, but they gave permission anyway. I see a black Mercedes pull into the drive way, and I see Emily's dad's face at the wheel. Emily gets out, and I unlock the front door, as Emily walks up to the door, and opens it. Her parents soon drive away.
"Hi, Emily!" I greet her
"Hey Hazel," Emily replies "Nice to see you."
Emily walks to the couch, and sits down, showing one huge roll of fat. Seeing it always disgusts me.
"How do you stand having that fat roll?' I ask her
"I can eat whatever I want, and don't need to exercise." Emily replies, as she stands up and walks over to the Kitchen, and pulls out some French Fries from her bag, and starts eating. The large fries are gone within 5 minutes.
"I still don't understand how you can handle that." I said
"Here you try." Emily replies as she pulls out another large fry from her bag. I take them, and start eating them. They taste good, but I could only eat a quarter of them. Emily demanded I keep going, and I finished all of them in 15 minutes.
"I need to go to the bathroom." I said.
"Okay." Emily replied.

Emily's View
When Hazel went into the bathroom, I took off the lid from Hazel's water bottle, and took out a powder that made people hungry, and poured some in. And since the bottle was solid, you couldn't see the water or the powder. I put back on the lid and put away the remaining powder in the bag. Hazel came out of the bathroom.

Hazel's View
I opened the door of the bathroom, and sat down in the kitchen, opened my water bottle and drank from it. Me and Emily talked for a while about random things.
"I'm hungry." I said, as my stomach started growling.
"How hungry?" Emily asked.
"Very," I replied "Can I have some more fries?"
"Sure." Emily answered, and pulled the fries out of her bag. I quickly started eating them, and I ended up eating them in 11 minutes. I felt satisfied at the start, but soon after, I became disgusted with myself.
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jimgeo 2 years
Very intriguing start. I love how you show the two women's contrasting thoughts. I imagine Emily is pulling a sort of prank on Hazel. Hazel is fat-phobic, and Emily is fat-philic. Soon she will be teasing Hazel. But I'll just wait and see... Thanks!