fat for you

chapter 1

Cara is a young, brunette, fit girl. She was known in her family for ring an athlete her whole life. Cara started off her day normally, goes to the gym, runs a bit at the park, goes to a photo shoot, then hangs out with her best friend, Nyla. Nyla had noticeably been a bit depressed lately and started to gain a few pounds. Not too much but just enough to get Cara curious. They were both on their phones going through their social media when the model accidentally bumps into Nyla's gut.

Cara's p.o.v.
"Hey, I know you've had a rough couple of days lately but... I mean... your... uhh... getting a bit... heavier." I tried to tell her about her new belly but it was hard to get out. She just looked at me with a grin. "Ya know what? I haven't even really noticed. I'll try to work out tomorrow." I thought it was so easy. Just like that, she would listen to my concern and help herself but no. I spoke too soon. That night, I was sleeping over, and that's when I knew my career was over. I was suddenly being forced into a chair, tied to the arms, and blind folded. "Hey, Cee. You like your seat?" It was a familiar voice. Nyla. "What the hell is happening?" I felt the cold tile against my bare feet. We must have been in the kitchen because next I heard the fridge open and close. Her soothing voice appeared again. "You want to point out my bulge? But what about yours?" I just chuckle."I don't have one, piggy." I knew I would regret that as soon as she spoke again. Her voice whispering in my ear. "Not yet." Next thing I know, a tube is in my mouth with a sting wrapped around my head. There was no getting out. I heard the sound of a thick liquid running down the tube. Then the warm drink was inning down my throats at an uncontrollable speed. After about a minute, it was done. I took a deep breath, not realizing she sat on my thighs in the process. "You catch your breath yet, fatty?" She said in a teasing tone. Her hand rubbed over my slowly melting abs. I hated feeling fat, but with her, it felt so good. But, I was still determined to prove that she was the fat one. "I don't know, did you, Lardy?" I could sense that this triggered her because without warning she was shoving a soft, bread like material in my mouth, forcing me to chew and swallow. My stomach couldn't take a lot more. I already felt bloated from dinner. This just added a whole other problem. "How do you like that? Is it good?" I just nodded hoping she'd stop. "Well, I'm glad you like it because it's sugar bread. And we all know what sugar does to you." Her voice was low and I hate to say it but sexual. I was incredibly turned on. Except for the fact that she was feeding me sugar! Sugar stays on me worse than any other food! In fifth grade, I had a cupcake each day for a week and gained five pounds! "Please no more." But my words didn't mean much. "Oh sweet! I made a whole loaf! And besides, the sugar drink you just had, that will give you about ten pounds alone by the end of the night!" Her voice got low again. "But don't worry, because it looks so... mmmm." She dropped her hands down to my stomach, playing with the centimeter flab. My pants felt a little tighter against my new belly but it's nothing a full day of cardio won't fix. Or so I thought.
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:-) interesting ^^ start
Zerojr666 2 years
I would love to see more.
ulvrik 2 years
Love it! Cant Wait for more 😊