my fat girlfriend

chapter 1 meeting her

(This is my first story, hope you like it! I am dutch so excuse me for my bad writing sometimes!)

I met my girlfriend when she was 18 years old! She had long blonde hair, light blue eyes, 174 cm and about 90 kg. She was a typical schoolgirl with good grades and a lot of friends.

When i first saw her i worked at the Macdonalds, and she came up to the counter and i instantly fell in love. She was fat, and you could see that. Her belly stuck out a quite alot and her chest was big. Her thighs were touching and had a cute double chin.

She ordered her food: " Can i have, 2 Big Mac's, 9 chicken nuggets with a large fries and a huge coke?" she said. I was amazed by the amount she ordered. I asked if she wanted extra sauce with the fries and chicken nuggets. "Yes please that would be nice" she said.

She gave me the money and waited for her order. "I have to be smart about this, i will bring her food at her table!" i thought to myself."I will bring your food at the table when it is ready, pick a table please." i said. She did and she walked away. Now i could see her butt and it looked amazing. She waddled a bit by the thickness of her tighs.

Her order was ready and i wanted to give her some extra. I grabbed 1 extra Big Mac and put it on her plate. When i walked too her, she looked over to me with exciting eyes. She saw the extra burger and said:"I think this is wrong, I ordered 2 Big Mac's."This one is from me!" i said with a smile and a wink. She smiled at me and said:"That is sweet of you! Hey, here is my number, i believe we go to the same school so text me tonight!

My heartrate went faster! Did she really just gave me her number?" I will do that!" as i turned around, i went back to the counter and finished my workday. With my eyes on the clock, waiting for me to text her!

After my workday i went home and had dinner with my family. After dinner i went straight to my bedroom and texted her. I had to wait for almost an hour and still no reply from her. I hope she wasn't joking around with me. When suddenly i recieved a message on my phone.

(hope you liked it, more chapters on the way!
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mdy73 11 months
Very interesting! I will dream about such perfect girlfriend...
jmr1903 11 months
I love it is wonderful how fat she is
dave2k22 2 years
Great start looking forward to more