5 years can make a difference

Chapter 1 - how it all began

"Fuck" i said as i struggled to get my fat ass out of bed in the morning.I shifted all my fat across the bed as the bed creaked underneath me.1,2,3 I said as i lunged foward all my fat to get off my bed.Shit i said as i fell back back onto the bed as i could not get my fat ass off the bed.I decided to just lay there for a minute looking around if there was any extra food left over from last nigh. I opened a pizza box and noticed there was a slice left and shoved it in my mouth. I sat up again and said 1,2,3 and gave it all my effort and was able to get myself off the bed. I waddled towards the bathroom to check how much i weighed. Once i saw the 0 i stepped on hearing it creek underneath me.When it was done it let out a beep and i looked down and it said 550 pounds.Dam i sad im huge i didnt think it was that bad man im a fucking blimp.I put on a polo shirt tucked into my khakis and noticed how my overhang was getting out of hand.I walked downstairs and opened the fridge and took out thr orange juice and chugged the whole thing and let out a huge burp. I waddled into the garage and squeezed my fat ass itnto the car. There was really no more room even though the seat was all the way back my massive belly was still hitting the steering wheel.

I pulled up to the Mc Donalds drive thru and ordered enough for a whole family. I got 5 big macs supersized and 10 orders of french fries and 4 large cokes. I pulled up to the pay window and got my food.I pulled into a spot and just started food into my mouth letting out massive belches that shook my car. I decided to start heading to my frat brothers house from college that i havent seen in over 5 years and 400 pounds ago. I was skinny in college im not gonna lie i had 6 pack abs and only 150 pounds. After i graduated i had a lot of freedom so i started eating and then the weight just came and never stopped. Im not really concerned i dont mind being fat i love being able to eat what i want whenever the fuck i want. There is a certain satasfaction you get after stuffing yourself and letting out a massive belch then taking a nap. I wonder what he was going to say when he opened that door was he even going to recognize me.

As i pulled up to my friends house i squeezed all my fat put of the car and waddled towards ryans front dood. I rang the doorbell and he answered the door in such shock. Matt he said dammmm you blew up like a fucking ballon dude youre fucking massive oh my god. Are you gonna be able to get through the front door fatty. Very funny i said as i had to turn sideways to get through ryans door as he sat there laughing watching me struggle. I sat down on hearing ryand couch creak under me. Ryan looked over and said listen fatty dont go breaking my couch you just got here. He walked back into the room with a couple beers and handed me one. I chugged it down and let out a massive belch. "Fuck dude" that was a fucking sick belch "thanks i said" once you become a man of my size they just get louder and louder.

We were chatting on the couch and hes like "dude how did you get so massive you were like so skinny in college" I said i was and after college i got a desk job stopped working out started eating more and just blew up like a ballon. Ryan walked over and was like can i touch it "go right ahead i said" " dam dude this feels great i migh need to grow a belly myself." We decided to order some food and ryan was like what do you want. I asked an extra large pizza extra cheese 2 chocolate lave cakes and a 2 liter of Dr.pepper. "damm dude with that order i can see how you got so fucking fat. "shut up i said i just love food". We got our food and i shoved that whole pie down my mouthh in 10 minutes ryan sat in awe as he saw me put both of the choclate cakes in my mouth at once. I picked up my dr peper and chegged it in 30 seconds.i let out the biggest belch it was fucking awesome.Dave said " shit man you can eat you seem like you have a pretty great life i migh stop what im doing and eat like you do and one day grow a belly like you. Go right ahead i said it feels great being a man of my size.

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